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  1. who else watched this show on comedy central tonight?

    before i even turned it on i was thinking it would end up sucking but it was actually REALLY funny.

    the best part by far was the salvia+cinnamon+saltines+coconuts. i was choking i was laughing so hard.

    if you didn't watch it i highly suggest you watch the rerun in 10 mins or the rerun at 9pm tomorrow.
  2. It was actually pretty funny.

    I liked it when he caught up wtih the afro ninja and gave him a second chance. I had seen all the videos he was referring too, so it was particularly funny for me. I think the show would also be great for folks who hadn't seen any of these videos because they dont' spend any time on the Internet. It was like a collection of some of YouTube's funniest moments.

    I would watch it again :cool:
  3. I saw this and I thought it was gonna be about my man Peter Tosh. :mad: jk.

    Yeah, I didn't watch it.
  4. yeah, wasn't bad

    i love daniel tosh's comedy. fuckin hillarious shit

    kinda reminds me of "the soup"
  5. I watched it, and I laughed, but I won't watch ever again.

    I'm on the internet enough, I don't need to start watching tv about it.
  6. loved it the salvia sketch was funny, and yeah he smoked it, i loved how they blocked out the pipe as he hit it, then at the end he said no salvia was actually smoked, MY ASS! you cant fake it that good. i was blitzed on some church and spit out an entire sip of wisers and coke.
  7. Didn't see it because I thought it looked dumb, but I might try to find it somewhere online now haha ironic...But yea Tosh is fucking hilarious, I love his stand up and his bit about google, the classy poop joke....its all good lo..
  8. He's definitely one of my favorite comedians, simply for the fact that he doesn't have to stop and think about what his next joke is. It's like he's genuinely funny, imagine that.

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