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  1. Hey blades, just for shits and giggles, what does everyone think the worst way to be tortured would be?
  2. to have ur dick cut off, at that point i think i'd rather be dead.

    theres some pretty fucked up torture methods.some so vicious i don't like thinking about them. think of the worst way you can, and then throw salt in the wound. that wouldn't feel good.
  3. To put a pin INSIDE your dick and then to have your balls slowly crushed by stones adding more weight until they pop.
  4. have a cheese-grater the size of a wall, very very slowly brought against your body, from the front. while salt is poured over the cheese-grater wall.
  5. Scratch that The worst form of torture i can imagine is the 9-5.
  6. Yeah, I'll fucking
    Yeah I'll fucking lay your nuts on a fucking dresser
    Just your nuts laying on a fucking dresser
    And bang them shits with a spiked fucking bat
    What's up? BLOW!
  7. thats some method man shit
  8. then sew your ass together and keep feedin ya, and feedin ya, and feedin ya.
  9. blades sure know how to come up with some brutal torture methods. Came into this thread expecting a discussion on the ethics of torture... Then someone posts about putting stones on your balls til they pop... *vomits*
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    to take a pair of pliers and squeeze there knuckles till they pop then work on the other joints of the hand ... work your way in, wouldn't kill them in a sense.

    could start to work on there knee caps as well, using a hammer on there toes after that, the idea is to hurt them enough but not to kill them.

    come to think about is pretty sick to talk about this stuff lol
  11. Chinese water torture. You lay on your back on a drop of water drips on your forehead for days. The pain and mind torture is insane! it doesn't sound bad but it is.

  12. my first thought upon seeing this thread title as well. Wu-Tang...respect
  13. A bite from a gila monster.

    People rather die.
  14. I thought of this back in my Army days...

    Ram some PVC pipe in said persons ass, about a foot or so. Then thread some barbed wire in the pipe.
    Pull the pipe back out while leaving barbed wire inside. Of course your ass will relax on the barbed wire.
    Gonna suck trying to get the wire back out.

    This or cutting off said persons eyelids. I think that inital pain will hurt but not as much as your eyes slowly drying out and going blind.

    Happy Friday! :hello:
  15. Toothpicks under your toenails, kicking the wall untill you bleed to death
  16. [quote name='"TheDankDude"']Armin Meiwes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Not really torture since it was voluntary, but if it wasnt, this would be a terrilble way to get tortured. Someone trying to bite your penis off? Fucking ouch.[/quote]

    Ah, should have thought this thread would eventually turn to this story. God I still get the chills thinking about it. And whats even more fucked up is that these two shared a truly imtimate connection from this... *vomits again*
  17. I always thought that being flayed/skinned alive would be horrible.

    From what I've read, it's like every nerve ending in your body screaming and people usually dont go into shock from it. On top if it, after being flayed often people survive for days before eventually dieing.
  18. Well hypothetically of course if someone were to break into my house with the intent to harm me and my family i would be forced to torture them. If i were somehow get in control of the situation i would:

    1 tie them up and cut their clothing off so they are wearing underwear.

    2 Inject them with an iv with saline solution so they could not pass out from pain

    3 I would proceed to heat up a knife with a torch and pry their fingernails off with the superheated knife.

    4 after i finished that i would continue to beat them until thier faces are unrecognizable, all of course while wearing gloves mask and glasses as to prevent me being identified.

    5 i would tie a knot around their testicles and put a nail through their jaw with a string attached to the nail and their testicles.

    6 after they have suffered for about 4 or 5 hours i cut their feet off and toss them into my hog pen, where they will never be seen again.

    (this is all hypothetical of course, i'm not some crazy lunatic guy...)
  19. i would bring out the nail gun...haha

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