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  1. Does anyone here go to University of Toronto or been there? Im thinking about applying. It looks nice and Toronto seems great too. I was looking at the doorms online and they looked like they were mostly singles. This true, or do they have doubles? O, and I cant forget...hows the bud?;)
  2. I have 2 friends that go there and they have no complaints..and the weed they get is some prime stuff :D
  3. Sounds good. I think that might be my top pick now. I plan on moving to Canada when Im older. My family has a cottage on PEI. Really boring, but its wicked chill. Theres lots of old people but were right ontheh water. Anyways I think that going to college there would give me a heads if Im actually going to move to Canada in the end.
  4. I love living in Canada.

    not that the US is bad though, thats where I go on vacation!

    here's a pic I took today just before I lit up ny joint.

    it was a cloudy day though so it looks really gray out. hehe

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  5. I don't know anything about U of T.

    Toronto is an amazing city though. I love it. It's so incredibly unique.

    The green is awesome too, usually the regs are comparible to what most people consider dank. (well in my experience)

    Wikipedia knows whats going on:

    Also, for the Toronto Cannabis scene, check out these: ( world renowned Toronto headshop )
  6. Thanks for the info guys.

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