TORO circulator came!

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    so i just got this in the mail.. saved me 70 bucks compared to buyin from my local headshop.
    so nice.. took fat rips of hash + purp + silver and all felt like pure air..

    ah.. but she is dead now.
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  2. sick pick up man, digging the worked section of your toro
  3. Nice TC...looks exactly like the one I just grabbed from them, can't wait to use it.
  4. Damn, nice glass. Didn't know you could buy Toro shit online.
  5. Nice man, and good choice with the bent diffy i hate when people have ash catchers at the wrong angel haha. :hello:
  6. I bet you do... lol

    no hard feelings
  7. Zomg. This is mad nice. :eek:

    + REP :smoking:
  8. thats a nice setup youve got. where do you find bent diffys?

  9. hahaha
  10. wow
    i'm impressed by everything toro does

    very nice pick up
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    the bent diffy came with the bong, and the bowl too. i actually haven't seen any in local headshops..
    but its great, if you ever see one, try to get it. i dont even think a circulator would work at another angle.

    and its from a store in ny, they just happened to ship
  12. i LOVE those bent neck diffy's, only furthers my reason seeing its angles with that circulator ac!

    get some milk up ASAP
  13. damn that shit is pimpin son
  14. oh the milk is up there
  15. damn that setup must hit like a dream

  16. sorry had to point that out... lol

    very nice man thats gotta hit amazing...
    nice pick up!
  17. Circulators are SICK! I've been trying to find one... trying :/

    Nice pickup! :hello:
  18. Where you at in the bay? I'm in SF, I was going to ask where you got your glass because not too many local shops here have high end glass. Nice circulator, tear it up!
  19. sick shit dude. the bent diffy is money too. enjoy that shit.

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