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Torn on a decision

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ItalSteve, May 25, 2010.

  1. So i have a younger sister (17) and shes starting to get into the party scene (drinking) and im paranoid that shes gonna try weed improperly...personally i tried weed for the first time with my old brother (7yrs older) and im REALLY happy i did...So im just wondering SHOULD i try to smoke up my sister and be the one to educate her/look out for her?...also i just rememberd like when i FIRST started blazing my bro would smoke me for free BUT his one condition was that i ONLY blaze with him...and it worked for a good 9 months. So ya im hopeing to have the same effect with my what do you guys think?
  2. Thats what I did with my younger brother... He knew I smoked alot so one day me and my older cousins just smoked him up for the first time... I think it is better when you do it in a healthy environment for the first time vs getting peer pressured
  3. Do it man, sounds like a good idea
  4. yea man go for it, better that she does it with you instead of some random kids
  5. #5 DrSteez, May 25, 2010
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    and almost gets fucked because all these fucking new kids nowadays thinks-smoke weed and get laid easier then alcohol

    edit: to get back on the piont... yea if i were you, i would sit her down and talk to her about never know..maybe she's COMPLETELY AGAINST bud..:confused_2:
    but then again yea cause ok my twin bro HATES weed and here i am smoking up eveyrday.

    my little sis (i fear and love) likes weed..but i dont feel selfish or greedz, but i dont want her to do it her first time with some randies either, i wanna show her the tricks of the trade and show her the danks vs non and what you should get for how much and shit so no one fucks with her. but yea i hope ur sis loves it :)
  6. DEFINITELY have her smoke with you for the first time, god only knows what kids would try to do with/to her if she gets too stoned
  7. Best answer on this thread. I agree, sit down and talk to her. She may hate the very thought of Cannabis. You never know. But what you are suggesting is actually another form of peer pressure. Talk to her about weed and if she's interested, go for it. But let it be her decision.
  8. Oh definitely. She's gonna smoke if she wants to, whether or not you introduce her to it. At least this way you've got some assurance that she's safe. Or safer. You can teach her how to stay out of bad situations. Maybe set her up with some of your safe, reliable contacts so she won't go out searching and find the wrong people.

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