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torch lighters

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JJdkl23, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. do torch lighters(blue flame) really lower the thc level when smoking weed?
  2. short and simple no
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    Yes its way too hot. It destroys the THC. A regular bic already destroys close to half. Thats why you get so high off of vapes because they vaporize it.

    Edit: it doesnt destroy all of it but alot more than a reg bic.

  4. really? that sucks. is there any way to light weed with out destroying half the THC. and can you post some links or something so i know your facts are legit
  5. how would a higher heat go about "destroying" the THC?
  6. Check out its chemistry and your question will be answered.
  7. i jsut thought like since you cant destroy matter, the thc would have to change chemically to NOT get you high when ur hitting the pipe.
  8. Yeah I guess I worded it wrong. Sorry, I meant it degrades.
  9. He didn't mean literally, since the only way to destroy matter is with antimatter, which is absurdly expensive to make. Making just one teaspoon of antimatter would bankrupt the U.S.

    Back to topic, the heat breaks down the THC molecule, much like it does for almost all molecules. It's not completely destroying it, but it dissembles the molecule into separate atoms, and thus, doesn't get you as high.

    Not to mention the facts that torch lighters are just downright dangerous, especially if you're high. I've passed my hand more than 12" above it and still gotten burned. Those things are hot as shit.
  10. when i use torches, i just light it to cherry up.
  11. If you heat anything up hot enough, it will eventually break down to the base elements and compounds that it is composed of. Marijuana resin vaporizes at 356 - 392 F. Beyond that and you are burning it - combustion, or at the very least, pyrolysis. At any rate, when you burn weed, you are causing it to undergo chemical decomposition into smaller compounds or base elements. Thus, the cannabinoids no longer exist because you have broken apart the molecular structure that makes them cannabinoids. You'd have to do an analysis of what marijuana ash and resin are composed of to find out exactly what those elements and compounds are, but be assured that if you're generating smoke, you are causing decomposition of the resin and the cannabinoids contained in the resin as well as the leafy plant matter.
  12. so can you vape keif? whats it turn to?

    ive made like carmelised crystals before. they all melted together into what looked like candy.
  13. Kief has less resin in it than hash, so it won't melt and vaporize quite as much. As a result, there will be a bit more finely ground plant matter left over at the end.
  14. props great post +rep
  15. holy shit. i just read up about antimatter and how its made and stuff. that shits insane.
  16. Sounds like the World will be in a race to find a way to cost-effectively harness antimatter.

    At the finish line?

    Apocalypse? Maybe. We'll see.

    The winning nation to grasp the rest of the World by the balls? Most definitely.

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