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  1. Ok, I've finally found a super clear vid on topping and i see that i have topped my plants wrong! Will i still get a main cola?? If not, no big deal this is my first grow and this is my first major mistake. Besides i may have topped the plants that will be going in the trash anyways (males).
  2. I do not know how did you make mistake( You really have to try.. JK), but you should end up with 2 colas...

  3. can you please post a link to the video you found.
  4. Heres the link bro. [ame][/ame]
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    Hey man have u accidentally fim'd them? That's a technique where you remove half the top leaving the stalk intact. This pushes hormones down through the plant and creates quad branching nodes. I done it on one of my grapefruit and ended up with 12heads in 3nodes! It's amazing haha. I could post a pic when lights come on if ud like?
  6. Oh and fim = fuck I missed. Great technique!
  7. naaaaaaw, i ddnt do that but i would like to kno more about it! Instead of cutting only the head between the two lil nodes, i cut all three. My lights not on yet but I'll show u later.
  8. Fimming will create more(tops) bud sites and is used in a scrog grow.
    Topping will control vertical growth and a more bushy plant with overall larger buds as the energy used to grow the main cola is transfered to other bud sites on the plant.

    You will be OK....;)
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    I do both, tested fim and topping on diff grapefruits (pics later). Fim creates triple or quad branching nodes, does help control height As the act of fim slows vert grow for a bit resulting in bushier plant. Topping has actually ended up taller than the fim plant, less heads but they are beasts.

    Please note: the yield boosting abilities of topping rely on the plants genetics, some strains will divide the potential yield into each cola so topping won't increase yield but controls canopy and height whilst others will double yield from toppin a sinker cola giving 2 new equally heavy cola's, such as blueberry!
  10. Thanx bro's! Looks like ive got some experimenting to do when lights come on. One more question, should i already be using bloom nutes or should i wait till plants sex is showing (which hopefully is today!)?
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    Use flower nute once it shows

  12. thanks.:smoke:
  13. Check my grow journal I've just started, will be adding examples of topped, fimmed, lst and standard growth!

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