Topping ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by PlagueRider66, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. can you top the plant if you are LST or is that pointless?
  2. yes you can do both. topping the plant creates more budsites. LST keeps the plant from growing too high. 2 totally different things
  3. Definitely. And LST does much more than just control height -- by creating an even canopy it allows light penetration to what would have been the lower levels, fostering greater bud development. Getting as much of the plant as possible equidistant from the light is very beneficial with an indoor grow because intensity of artificial light falls off so fast with even a little bit of distance.
  4. The two actually work well together.
  5. curosity has me going so if i top it once and it y's off can i top each side of the y once more? or will it cause the plant problems
  6. I have a plant Im doing this process to and it is working great!

    I have topped it 2 times so far and Have it LST'd
    It will hopefully be a big yielder.
  7. i tried lsting two plants they were going great but they got pissed at me so undid it and let em stalk up and topped all of them they are getting insanely bushy

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