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  1. Hi there. I asked this already on the Gen. Growing forum but am still none the wiser although plenty people have viewed it, so i thought i would give it a whirl over here just on the off chance.
    I have heard that some plants benefit in terms of yield from having their top cola snipped . What i want to know is does this apply mainly with Indica strains, or are Sativa varieties as likely to produce more bud if topped during veg?. Someone out there knows.

  2. How early can plants be topped? When you top do you cut the cola off right above the last branch pair or do you just cut the cola top off? I used to top palm trees when i worked at the nursery and we'd just cut the new growth out the center in half.
  3. when you's say cola....i automatically think of someone topping a flowering plant!...i hope not! it in the veg stage and cut the top growth off.....or you could try the FIM teqnique.....which will give you more shoots from your cut....try the search engine for it....i posted some diagrams on it a while back......Peace out....Sid

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