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Topping to even canopy

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sycolv, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. I have four plants that have been in flowering for almost a little over a week and 2 seem to have surpassed the other 2 in height by about 6 inches. Bieng that i am doing a sog should i top the taller plants to allow them to even out in height, and if so when? Or i have seen people use lst and tie down there tops to even them, wondering what the geniuses in the city have to say

  2. I would raise the shorter plants to even the canopy. If you are doing a SOG, then you shouldn't LST. And topping would be great, except you have to guess how much you need to cut off while considering how long the plant will take to recover, how much the other plant will grow while the topped one is recovering. Not to mention topping your plant can be stressful, esp. during flowering. IF you do LST or top, do it during vegging (or in your case, ASAP).
  3. Put the taller ones on towards the outsides of your grow room, and keep the shorter ones right under the light. I would just let it grow IMO, your only in your first week and that's when they stretch the most but don't worry they will stop.
  4. I agree with this suggestion 100%. The light distribution is greater in the middle and weaker on the outside. If the taller plants are on the outside they will still get enough light because of the surface area, and they won't overshadow the smaller ones.
  5. Thanks alot guys, im moving more in and i didnt want the shorter ones to get too shadowed. The other question i had was what do you guys think about removing the lower branches (lolipopping) for the sog?
  6. If it's in flowering I would just let it go, cutting off lower branches is just going to stunt it and you will be sacrificing yield. The plant will use that branch to suck nutrients from during flowering.

  7. ^^What he said ^^. Topping during flowering is a big no no. Wait till they are done with the stretch and then raise the lower ones up (by putting something under the pot) till they are even.

    do not remove lower branches. If you wish to lollipop, do it during early veg.

    in a sog, you shouldn't need to lst.
  8. i have a similar question.

    a friend of mine is an experienced grower and has recommended i top one of my plants as it's getting too tall for my tent. it's almost 2 weeks into flower and is 30" tall and is growing 1" a day still at this point. i've got about 5" left before it will hit the light. i've considered tying it down as is. or do what he said.. top it and tie down the new growth. any suggestions?
  9. Already flowering, lst it. Bend it and tie it down.

    Sergio did this on his last grow and also learned a thing or 2. That bud, tied down,...began to grow out the sides (Which had now become the top) and he saw much more weight out of that bud than if he had let it grow straight up ;)

    If you can,...bend towards the lights, not away from.

    (that's also what a scrog does for you)
  10. i tied it down and it's doing great. the main cola is coming back towards the light now the other branches are growing good. i didn't realize these would grow so tall or i would have set up a scrog.

    shitty iphone pic..

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  11. right now im going with putting pots under my plants to even them out but im glad to hear that its working for you this may come in handy if any rocket up
  12. ...and now you know ;) Good luck man. :wave:
  13. you can stop the vertical growth of a plant with Phosphoload. they will stop stretching and the buds will start to swell within 24hr. it's expensive but worth a trip to the hydro store.:smoke:

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