Topping and defoiliation, urgent!!! Need feedback

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Busta_og_loc, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Looking for feedback about topping and defoiliation 20190719_112530.jpg
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  2. I don’t grow outdoors but I would probably clear out her bottom for air circulation. She needs air up her skirt.
  3. That's why I did it but also scared because the plant is only 2 feet tall but I removed all the fan leafs so it would send the energy to the cola branches
  4. Don’t go crazy on the fan leaves unless they’re yellow or blocking buds.

    I lollipop and lst.
  5. That's basically what I did was lollipop but also removed the fan leafs before I did enough research because it's for outdoor but I'm still in veg hopefully it recovers well enough to produce some buds but it's just an experiment I have the same strain beside it
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  6. This was a week before I topped and defoiliated it Screenshot_20190719-114750_Gallery.jpg
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  7. hi there " Busta ...i only take the bottom fan leaves of ,,then take a few more off when colas are forming ,,but as long as the plant as good air flow its ok ...mac,,
  8. I wish I would of know before taking the fan leafs off or leaving a few on where they get light I'm just hoping for a speedy recover i think there's a couple weeks of vegging left for outdoors
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    i wouldnt worry about it mate ,,,i know a grower in the States who takes all the fan leaves off the plant as soon as the bud sites start growing leaves ,his plants like like stalks with a few leaves on where the buds are goin to grow but his plants grow massive colas ,,hes been doing this for years,,he says stripping all the fan leaves off makes the plants roots grow more etc and give the plant a boost ,,mac,,
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  10. Well that's good to know, I just did it force bud sites and branching it's only been about a week but it seems to still be growing the only thing is the leafs arent really getting that big but the plant is really healthy and green but sometimes it's a week or two to recover and I think it might be since i topped and defoiliated the same day a week ago so thats possible
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  11. Would love to hear more feed back and personal experience growing :)
  12. Has anyone ever used this before?

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