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  1. Anyone heard this new song? Dr. Dre, T.I. and Nas... 3 of my favorite rappers on one song :hello:
  2. Topless eh? Let me check that out..
  3. songs pretty good..nice sample

    could it possibly be on detox??? dare i say itt?
  4. [ame=""][/ame]
  5. Its not bad...
  6. I second this.

    For having awesome artists, it could have been better, but it's good enough.
  7. i think it kinda sucks.. i would expect better from them
  8. Didn't seem catchy enough for me to care.
  9. I personally would not listen to that song ever again. It was nothing like dre, T.I., or nas. I give it 2 months til Lil Wayne has a remix out.
  10. I liked it.
  11. yeah i liekd it, but alls this is is a reference track for dre to use if he many know he dont write most of his stuff so he gets other rappers to spit verses for him n show him how he should say what and emphasize what
  12. I didnt hear it
  13. I think it's great. It's not supposed to be a catchy club song. It's a song to ride to... or hear in some strip club... or play at some party smoking with your homies. I loved the drums, and that piano loop is sick murder... thanks for the post, man.
  14. yo, if the rest of the songs on the album are as good as this one, DETOX is gonna be so dope. May even surpass The Chronic, but we shall see...
  15. Yeah, that is if it ever comes out

  16. Very true, lol.

    Im not a fan of The Game but he did say one thing that I think needs to be quoted. "Dre always makes us wait a long time but it's always worth it".

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