Top Ten things I LOVE THIS popular demand

Discussion in 'General' started by x 4gramBLUNTS, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. I said I would make it so now I will now that I be rippppeeeeeeddddd!

    1. G-bong I just made with 20-gal tub and huge hawaiian punch bottle!
    2. southern comfort-cheap and delicous
    3. verizon wireless-holla if you IN!
    4. ice cubes in the bong
    5. pineapple express extended version
    6. plants are looking huge! 4 weeks ;)
    8. bein to high to think of 2 more things i love


    toke be with you:smoking:

    only 1 hour and 3 min till 4:20am!

  2. There ya go..

    and whats popular demand in your eyes? I just cant imagine a swarm of blades all bombarding you with demands on why youre so great?:rolleyes::p considering you joined this month, and have 40 somethin posts..
  3. lol not actually popular demand...some people were haten on my TOP TEN THINGS I HATE list.....tellin me to make this one idk

    just high thoughts.... but yes...i am GREAT. me and all 40 some posts!
  4. thats good your in a better mood
  5. haha yeah man thanks!

    thought of 9 and 10

    9. oven baked pizza
    10. koolaid

    hmmm...possibly my current munchies.. :)

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