Top techno songs?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Perfekt, May 5, 2006.

  1. what are your top 5 or 10 techno songs??
  2. When im rolling and i go out i like to listen to some really hard banging techno early in the night, and then switch to an after hours CD with some more mellow shit..... my top 5 are probably

    PPK- Resurrection
    David Guetta-The World is mine
    Alice Deejay- everybodys free
    cosmic gate-firewire

    no particular order, and those songs just stick out in my mind for some reason.
  3. I like techno mannnnnn

    like satisfaction, sandstorm, fuckin that shit is kool.

    also some trance like gabber ya know?
  4. Everyone knows sandstorm haha
  5. check out this sweet band lotus and the new deal they are sweet it is more like a jam band then a techno but it is sweet to listen to on roadies
  6. Everybody's free is an awesome song. Just type in the title in limewire, beacuse it didn't come up when i searched for alice deejay.
  7. arabian nights on mescaline by infected mushroom ftw.
  8. Cosmic Gate is friggin awesome, though Fire Wire is my least favorite.

    My favorite Trance songs though Ic an't list as I got them from my ex/gf who just downloaded from Kazaa and threw it on a CD for me. Some bad ass trance though.

    But for the afterhours mellow trance, check out Schiller's album Voyage. That CD is perfect for everything. Sex, being blazed, driving at 3 in the morning. Just an amazing album. Schiller has some amazing talent, I have a Schiller version of ATB's - Let U Go.... simply mind blowing.

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