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  1. Hey, first time grower and have a autoflower, I was just wondering if I should top her and if so where about? Also theres loads of white hairs but its far too young to be pistols so what are they?
    Also I will upload pics
  2. Here she is

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  3. That plant is in flower - those are pistils. And don't top it. How old is your plant?
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  4. Really? That's amazing haha I only think its on its like 4th week or something but I might be a week or something behind because I forgot to write it down as its my first time so didnt remember those things haha
  5. Also its still tiny? Will it get a lot bigger? And my last question is does she look healthy? Sorry for all the questions haha
  6. It will get bigger but not large - it does look pretty healthy though - but very small for 4 weeks old. Growing autos by a beginner is not a good idea - I'm not really sure why beginners think they are easier just because they bloom on there own - it's not difficult to switch your light schedule to induce flowering. Autos are for experienced growers that are able to grow a plant from start to finish with no problems or interruptions. Any interruption in growth will adversely effect your yield - photos allow time to rectify a problem.
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  7. I think it's is the illusion of simplicity. "set it and forget it"
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  8. From experience don't top just let it grow

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  9. Well no I have 3 plants all together and when I got them I wanted to get one auto flower just too see the difference but could it be so small because I could be giving it not enough nutrients? I have a schedule for them I found online but I didn't realise u needed a different schedule for autos, anyway thanks for your help, I will post on here in a few weeks for a update on it
  10. I haven't forgot about it at all, before I started I looked so much into it then the day I got the seeds in the soil I just forgot about everything I learned because I was just excited probably
  11. Wasn't referring to you on that or implying that's what you did, was just a general statement on how many think autos are easy. I am on my first grow and I considered autos. But after months of research, I knew the best route was to go with photos. The experience gained from dealing with all the little problems is priceless. I have been very fortunate and or really lucky and have not had any problems to speak of. I'm on just over 3 weeks of flower after 80 days vegging. And m girls are looking pretty decent.
    Good luck and show us how that girl turns out.
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  12. Lucky you! Hahaha I wish I was like that, I will keep you guys posted but do u think I should be giving her more nutes?
  13. to late to top this plant no matter if it was a photo or auto . your going to need to step up the lighting on this plant . what is she under ?
  14. She's under a 600w so its enough light but I think its either too far away maybe? Or I'm just not give her enough nutes?
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    I've always heard to not top autos. It's a different animal and doesn't respond like photo cannabis.

    There is quite a few people LST'n them. I think it's strain dependent. Some will probably tolerate a topping.

    I don't think most people realize how effective straight up LST is for making a bushy plant compared to topping. As the name implies it's low-stress. The plant never slows down. It's overnight recovery. Whenever I top a plant it stops growing and acts like it doesn't know what's going on for a couple of days. When you LST a plant it's turned back up to the light the next time you look at it if you don't take it too far.

    You also end up with way more tops from LSTin then you can even use. You end up removing quite a few.

    I'll use topping to purposely slow a plant down that's vegging too fast. To me that's what it's most effective at. If you have one top pushing way too far above the others you may want to top it. Then again if you want a massive plant I've had much better luck gently bending that top over. It turns back up the next day and the plant just keeps on growing.

    This plant was never topped.
    Can you tell which one is the main top?

    If you top a plant 3 times and I just LST one by the time you've recovered from your third topping my plant would be twice the size and have more branches/tops.

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