Top Got Eaten Off!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Grassmann1, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. i came to my plant...and the top was ate off by a deer im assuming..those son of a wondering what will happen to it if it keeps growing..WILL IT BE FINE? is there n e thing i can do or n e thing?
  2. Well it al depends on how big your plant is, and how much of the top is missing. What some people do if they want a plant to grow outwards, but not taller, in other words short and fat, they trim the top of the plant off, and it makes it grow fat. So if its just the top few inches i wouldnt worry about it. Unless its like half the plant or something. Was the plant flowering? If it was and the top got "eatin" off, it might have been a theif.
  3. its about a foot and a half tall...and from the last row of leaves theres a long stem and thats it..nothing at the end of the stem..what should i do then?
  4. well if its a foot and a half tall after it got chopped, then it will probally be ok. How tall was it before? there isnt really anything you can do (as far as i know) besideds just wait and see if it recovers. It sounds like most likley it will. Good luck.

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