top games to play stoned...

Discussion in 'General' started by UCF-Toker, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Im going to have to disagree. Throw in some BF2, Oblivion, CSS, More modern games. And of course, old school super mario bros.
  2. hmmm
    Micro Machines for #1!!!!

    luminous looks tight as shit,ima google that game
  3. I disagree with 4 and 5, that sly racoon game was boring.
  4. Katamari is a definite yes, but you can't beat Burnout 3...

  5. Yeah, crash mode is awesome stoned.
  6. disagree with most of it.
  7. Katamari is awesome robo trippin. LOL the music is high-larious!:smoke:
  8. Fuck yeah, man, get the car that's supposed to be like an old mustang, it owns all...
  9. james bond:golden eye n64 version w/ paintball mode on

  10. Mega-classic!
  11. yea, i disagree with most.

    i was playin mario kart last night and thats lots of fun. geometry wars is nuts and i bet mario partys would be hilarious. i still havent played katamari...
  12. Those games arent for stoners... they are for people on X or shrooms or acid or something. lol. There were some tight games in there though.

    Should also have... Socom2 / Guitar Hero <<#1 / Halo 2 / Fight Night Round 3 for Xbox360... damn.
  13. damn those are good games, but gotta love having almost every single game system minus genesis and so many games..omg its like a stoners dream

  14. ha never even heard of those only thing im play when im ripped is GTA san andreas.. you gotta love that shit
  15. i've never even heard of the rex shit.
  16. Those are trippy games, not stoner games (with a couple exceptions).
  17. REZ definetly is the best..

    I always play it on my pimped out Dreamcast.

    got leds flashing with the rumblepak. it's so sketchy :D

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