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  1. Just watching one of my favorite comedians, David Cross after smoking a good two bowls, wondered who you guys felt about who your favorite comedians are?
  2. After watching Louis C.K.: Hilarious, Louis C.K. is definitely at the top of my list. :p
  3. Definitely, gotta love that bit on time traveling :D
  4. My two personal favorites are Russell Peters and Dave Chapelle.
  5. Pablo Fransisco is really funny. He does funny movie preview skits.
  6. Bill Burr and katt Williams
  7. so far, live, i've seen,

    Daniel Tosh <- he was sick that day
    Russell Peters <- Amazing
    Carlos Mencia <- good, my kind of comedian, talks about stupid people
    Greg Geraldo <- good
    Pablo Fransico <- awesome sound effects
    elisa schlinger (that chick that won last comic standing) eh... so so, but she's kinda hot

    i wanna see Josh Blue, not sure who will it be this year at homecoming.
  8. God I have so many, Daniel Tosh, Louis C.K., Demitri Martin, Bill Burr, Dave Chapelle, Greg Geraldo, Russel Brand( Not a big fan of movie roles though) I can't think of the rest but theres more :)
  9. Both are my favorite too.
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    [ame=""]YouTube - Bill Hicks - Positive Drug Story[/ame]
  11. My favorite stand-up artists are Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, Katt Williams, Richard Pryor, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Bernie Mac...pretty much all black dudes ya dig? :cool::D But then i also like Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, and Bill Burr, i just find black standup to be funnier to me.
  12. this.
  13. Zach Galifianakis!!!!!!

  14. oh boy.....carlos mencia.....:smoke:[​IMG]
  15. I love his one-liners accompanied by pretty sick piano improvisation
  16. Yeah, Zach Galifinrieagnkboiuern is pretty awesome, too. ;)

    I guess my top 3 more recent comedians would probably be Louis C.K., Zach Galifinoehtoeanglkmf and Nick Swardson.

    I think.


  17. Zach Galifinaggle, Jim Gaffigan, Doug Benson, Chris Rock, Jon Reep, Jon LaJoi, and Dave Chappelle

    I used to like Dane Cook but have since found him unfunny.
  18. well i'm from the old school, only recognize a few names here

    Seen these 2 chics live and they rock

    Margaret Cho :hello::hello: 2 thumbs up, what a crack up!
    Wanda Sykes

    Robin Williams
    Whoppi Goldberg
    George Carlin
    oooooh yeah almost forgot...watermelon busting dude....Gallagher, love his theories
  19. lewis black always gets me to geek. daniel tosh's standup was fucking hilarous, i haven't seen any of his new shit though

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