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top 5 stoner movies

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheNuggetMan, May 18, 2006.

  1. so.. what ARE the top 5 stoner movies?
  2. half baked, dazed and confused, fast times at ridgemont high, friday, up in smoke.
  3. I dont know, but lots of people are going to say half baked. But since I'm bored as shit and this thread is open, I dont enjoy watching half baked anymore.. I always smoke up and prepare for it to be tight but I usually end up being bored and annoyed with the sterotypical stoner voices and acts.
  4. MY top 5 are

    Dazed n confused
    Super troopers
    half baked
    The wall
    uhhh, idk, i cant close pick the last one, id like to see some other peopls opinions before i pick my last one.
  5. I really like the movie Puff, Puff, Pass it has the same type of stoner theme going on, but really seems like what really happens in the ordinary day.
  6. I hard the guy from the 70's show is making a stoner movie it might be good but my fav five is SuperTroopers, Undercoverbrother,HalfBaked,Friday ofcourse2&3 and cheech and chong Up in smoke
  7. Harold and Kumar go to whitecastle, Grandma's Boy are my two favs

    Fill the rest with cheech and chong.
  8. Half Baked, Harold and Kumar (yah... Kuuuumarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr), Cheech and Chong Nice Dreams, Disney's version of Robin Hood, I don't know... trippy as fuck for some reason, and Fear and Loathing.
  9. plus rep for that man. now i decided what im about to watch.
  10. My favorite movie to watch while blazed is Belly. For those who haven't seen it, you have to. It's not a comedy, it's really good.
  11. i dont enjoy watching movies with other people smoking in it, i would rather just watch a really rediculous movie. i usually pop in anchorman or something like that.

    although, i really really enjoy smoking a LOT then watching some sort of fantasy movie like lotr or harry potter or some ish like that
  12. belly is a cool movie, so is alice in wonderland, and fear and loathing is agood one
  13. in no particular order....

    how high, super troopers, city of god, belly, and friday
  14. 1.alice in wonderland
    2.the wall
    3.fear and loathing in las vegas
    4.up in smoke
    5.half baked
  15. treasure planet is trippy as fuck

  16. belly's cool.

    i just watched killa season and camrons gotta dutch rolled in every scene.
  17. grandma's boy was funny. cheech and chong, still smoking. (dolly parton sp? and burt reynolds) that shit is hilarious. and chong filming cheech with the maid, and cheech as the alien with 3 balls.

    i forgot who said it, but i agree, half baked is kind of old and stereotypical. good at it's time though.
  18. I hear they are planning a Belly 2. =/ I'm kind of hesitant to think it will be as good as the fist, but I guess we'll see.
  19. i'm gonna have to say that "team america: world police" is the best movie to smoke to, its fucking retarded funny.
  20. Harold and Kumar
    Sin City
    Dazed and Confused
    Fear and Loathing
    Apocolypse Now

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