Top 5 Favorite Metal Bands

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  1. I was raised a metalhead, throughout my years I have grown a love for Metal, Punk, Classic Rock, and Grunge. So this is for all you metalhead stoners out there! Who are your favorites? Heres mine:

    4)Dark Tranquiltiy
    5)Alice in Chains

    BTW: I will listen to stuff like the Dead, Phish and Bob Marley...ONLY when im stoned!
  2. 1)Metallica
  3. I can't really rate them, but some of my favorites
    Black sabbath
    Acid bath
    Alice in Chains
    Electric Wizard
  4. Metallica
    Iron Maiden
    pantera(cowboys from hell)
    but yea i have like 2 million more.
  5. oh shit i forgot slipknot. cant exclude them
  6. Off the top of my head i would say..

    Blind Guardian
    Sonata Arctica
    Cattle Decapitation
  7. 1)Iron Maiden
    2)Iron Maiden
    3)Iron Maiden
    4)Iron Maiden
    5)Iron Maiden

    nah I like other shite just fine but why mess with da best ya dig?
  8. Goddamn dude, that's pretty much my exact list. Except for you take out Buzzov*en only because I've never heard of them, and replace Cynic with The Melvins (don't know why but the dude's voice just really annoys me).
  9. The Dillinger Escape Plan.
    Every Time I Die.
  10. 1)Megadeth
    3)Children of Bodom
    4)Lamb of God
    5)System of a Down
  11. Right now:

    1. Dream Theater
    2. Vanden Plas
    3. Riverside
    4. Symphony X
    5. Manowar
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    1) SikTh - the most underrated band of all time. Anyone who likes technical/prog metal which still kicks ass, listen to SikTh
    2) Protest the Hero
    3) Metallica (oldschool)
    4) Molotov Solution
    5) The Devil Wears Prada

    Yes you can
  13. Cryptopsy
    Nokturnal Mortum
  14. Hell yeah dude i am basically obsessed with Dream Theater! I have every album they have ever released, one of the greatest bands of all time for sure! Its awesome to see someone else on this forum thats into DT, i like your majesty logo avatar too :hello: +rep

    My fav's would be:

    1. Dream Theater
    2. Between the Buried and Me
    3. Porcupine Tree
    4. Riverside
    5. In Flames

    Im definitely more of a progressive fan :D
  15. in no specific order:

    - Wintersun
    - Opeth
    - Protest the hero
    - Pantera
    - Job for a cowboy

    There are tons I left out though.
  16. I'm bound to also rep all known DT fans :D I saw them this summer at Merriweather; definitely one of the best live bands I've ever seen. Probably second only to Rush. I was really sad to see the Porcupine Tree and Pain of Salvation couldn't make the tour this year. I've been getting into PoS and I had a lot of trouble finding Porcupine Tree's music, so I was really looking forward to hear them. They subbed in two smaller bands though; one was like boring instrumental group and the other was Bigelf, who were really good. Very unique sound; kinda David Bowie-ish. They fall under the genre of Stoner Rock too :D

  17. Kinda came a little bit to this post, not gonna lie. I'd really love to see DT live... Like really fucking love. Especially if Awake in her entirety were played. Omnom.

    My 5:

    -Dream Theater
    -Pagan's Mind
    -Symphony X

    Unless you can consider Porcupine Tree "metal", in which case replace Pagan's Mind with such.
  18. man thats awesome! i cant wait to see them soon! i saw them at progressive nation with between the buried and me, opeth, and three, probably the best show i have ever gone to. Front row doesn't make it bad either! :D

    they definitely put on the best live shows ive seen, all of their live DVDs are awesome! especially the live in budokan one, which was (in my opinion) one of their best shows.

    but yeah if you are looking for porcupine tree, just try and look around torrent sites if you are into that, i have two of their albums, both very good!
  19. High On Fire
    Black Label Society
    Alice in Chains
  20. 1. Alice in Chains
    2. Metallica 
    3. Korn
    4. Black Sabbath
    4. Megadeth

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