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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Digit, Apr 29, 2003.


advanced statistics need an advance?

  1. expansion.... i wanna show up too! hehe

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  2. as it is... it means something special then.

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  1. ever thought of expanding the top ten posters to a top 30? or a top 420!? yeah maybe thats a bit much.
  2. DigitDigitDigit!!!!!!

    LMAO! :D
  3. where do you go to look at the list?

  4. Ya for real, I want to view some site stats. I think I foun it once, but I can't remember where......

  5. Ohhhhh, this is a poll!
  6. i found it.. i dont really care, i wouldnt show up for a long time anyways even if it was the top 30. i think.

  7. lol. it took me almost a year to show up in the top ten :D

    i like it how it is... it's more special that way i guess.
  8. i was in the top 10 once!!!
  9. yeah DirtyD, Ten Most Wanted? LOL
  10. i think i may have been on a cupple of those too....

    once i was the top poster for the week the mounth and the day at like the same time ...but i never been the top of all time ....fucking norm.....and budhead....
  11. Your on the top of my list D.D. LMAO!!!

    I've been there done that!!!!
  12. woo hoo !!!thanks im number one with older pot head intenet junkies!~!!!!lol!!!

  13. "older pot head intenet junkies"


    ophij and yphij.
    replacement for offf and yfff? ;D
  14. lol...

    i still dont realy fit into ither to old to be young and to young to be old!
  15. l used to be in the top ten till some bastard[critter] deleted all my posts ,lol.[​IMG]......p.s. see l can restrain myself from adding to your polls :D. l was gonna include in best stoner voice " who cares man ",lol.[​IMG]

  16. ...

    ...old then.


  17. maybe old

    but i am at least bounceing in and out of the top ten list again!
  18. How Do we know who the Top Ten Posters are? Is it just you Modz who kno it or is there a way for us to see it 2?

  19. its in the advanced statistics.... its like one of the first ones....

  20. Ah thats kool, i never even realised this, well im to poster for the last 24 hours :)

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