Top 10 Stoner Movie list

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    1. Dazed and Confused
    2. Friday
    3. American Beauty
    4. Half Baked
    5. Harold and Kumar go to White Castle ( w/ Sequel in one sitting also)
    6. How High
    7. The Wackness
    8. Pineapple Express
    9. Knocked Up
    10.Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
  2. 1. Super High Me
    2. Grandma's Boy
    3. Smiley Face
    4. Pineapple Express
    5. Totally Baked
    6. Half Baked
    7. Super Troopers
    8. Grass: The History of Marijuana
    9. How High
    10. Katt Williams: American Hustle

    Now THATS a stoner list
  3. Either you haven't seen allot of good movies or your taste in movies is what you named yourself after.
  4. why is there not a cheech and chong movie on your list?

  5. My story with Cheech And Chong

    Watched Up In Smoke Streaming 20 minutes in I pass out from being too high

    Downloaded Up in Smoke Twice both times it failed for no appearant reason

    Love Tommy Chong from stuff like That 70's Show and green carpet hosting for High Times ect.. even bought the mans book

    So yeah I've never seen a full Cheech and Chong Movie

    I have There greatest hit album and don't find it that funny either.

    My question for you is which film would you take off and put a Cheech and Chong film in what spot ?
  6. i would honestly put up in smoke first because of how epically epic the story is.
  7. Funny considering Seth Rogen said they all sucked and Tommy Chong cosigned him lmao

    But I'll deffinately watch and let you know if Up In Smoke was better than American Beauty or Dazed and Confused
  8. Totally agree with u. Super High Me is by far the greastest stoner movie, because not only is it funny and great to watch but it is very informing. and in fact is the reason why my mother lets me smoke because of the info it showed her... great movie
  9. Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo is fucking hilarious stoned.
  10. I don't have ten that haven't already been mentioned but I have a few anyone who smokes should see:
    -What The Bleep Do We Know? (Blows your mind with its theories. And visually enjoyable to watch.)
    -The Ten (Just fucking randomly hilariously inappropriate as hell. Just watch it.)
    -Howl's Moving Castle (Really makes you love this kind of Anime)
    -Titan A.E. (Again, just watch it. Great animation.)

    I know there is more. I have to think on this for awhile....but I did watch Austin Powers in Goldmember today and it was a lot funnier than I remembered it originally being... ;)
  11. There is one movie that i havent seen mentioned yet.. has anybody ever seen the movie "Spun"- it is one fucked up movie to watch when you are baked because the camera is always moving so fast and it kinda fucks with your vision.. the only bad thing about it is that it is all about taking meth.. not kool maaaaan!!
  12. I can't think of 10 movies pertaining to drugs that I enjoy

    here's a few...

    blow, fear and loathing in las vegas, where the buffalo roam, american beauty, Hemp Revolution, dazed and confused

    I HATE harold and kumar.
  13. WOW. im sorry that you have such high expectations of your stoner movies. All those movies are MY TOP 10, pretty sure its not my fault that you didnt get the comedy, or you havent watched or heard of the movies.

    Why dont u actually watch em before u try to review some shit.

  14. You gave me neg rep because you felt I haven't seen or get the comedy from those movies despite me seeing 7/10..

    I've seen Everything Katt Williams HAS EVER done Ditto for Doug Benson ( I play the marijuana louges ) all the time.

    But no way in hell was American Hustle anywhere close to as good As The Pimp Chronicles pt 2 or Katt Williams Live:
  15. meh... either way
  16. So it's wrong for me to say that I dislike a stoner movie?
  17. Wheres Cheech and Chong and Fear and Loathing...
  18. pulp fiction, and speed racer =]
  19. Pulp Fiction, Speed Racer & Fear and Loathing are not stoner films

    They don't smoke weed in speed racer
  20. No particular order:

    -Half Baked
    -Pineapple Express
    -Grandma's Boy
    -Super Troopers
    -The Wackness
    -How High
    -Knocked Up
    -40 Year Old Virgin
    -Walk Hard

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