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    Marijuana is a beautiful plant that can be used for medicinal purposes or can be used to open the mind to new thoughts and ideas. However, sometimes Marijuana can turn you into a complete dumbass, and being high I've done a lot of crazy shit when I'm stoned, so here is my Top 10 Stoner far  :ey:  
    #10: First time
    My first time smoking weed wasn't anything special, but the most memorable part was when I called my home girl to tell her how my first time was(I was high when I called her). Her aunt picked up the phone and said she would put my friend on the line, and she put my friend on the phone. I asked why her aunt picked up the phone, to which my friend replied, "I'm not with my aunt."
    Until this day I don't know if she(my friend) was fucking with me, or if her aunt was actually never there, but I still don't know what the fuck was going through my mind.
    #9: Uncontrollable laughter at the wrong time.
    I went to see my friend in her dance show, but I thought it would suck, so my friend and I got really high before going and got stopped by security who knew we were high. Luckily my friends little sister came out right on time to give me tickets she had saved for my friend and I so we got into the show. We sat all the way in the back and at many points could not stop laughing. It was so bad that people were turning around and whispering things to one another and I thought I was going to have to leave because I just couldn't stop laughing.
    At one point an old friend who recognized me from far sat next to me to say hi. It took me about 5 minutes to remember who she was.
    #8: Best April Fools prank ever
    April fools(after 4/20 :bongin: ) is one of my favorite holidays. This past April fools, I thought it would be funny to write a song to a girl asking her to go to prom with me and then saying APRIL FOOLS. But I don't have the heart to actually do that, so I used a fake facebook account. I recorded a video of me singing to the girl that everybody thought was real, and at the end saying, "Will you go to prom with me? JUST KIDDING APRIL FOOLS BITCH!"
    I posted it on facebook and tagged the clone account, saying the video was for her. However nobody knew she was a fake account so everybody criticized me for being a douchebag and a heartless tool. At 11:59 pm I told everybody the video was a joke and people laughed and called me crazy.
    How does this relate to being high? I was high when I created the concept of the prank, the song, and the fake account.
    #7: Bobby Pins
    It was Christmas, and my boy came to my house to spend Christmas with me. He's Jewish but is a longtime family friend so he has always spent Christmas with my family. We went to go get high and afterwards went to my Aunts house. At one point my mom asked me to grab a bobby pin for her, but I was so baked that my only response was, "Who the fuck is bobby?"
    #6: Crying on phone
    My girlfriend and I got into an ugly fight one day. I was on the phone with her just screaming. My friend was at my house, so he began playing music so he wouldn't have to listen to me yelling. He began playing some sad instrumental beat. I don't know which son, but whatever the song was it really got to me. I began sobbing hysterically telling her about how we could never be together again and how much it was going to hurt letting her go. It was like a scene from a romance movie. Both of us on the phone crying, and the music fitting in perfectly with the situation. I asked my friend to turn the music off, and the minute he did, I automatically re-gained my senses. We settled the fight and my friend just laughed and said, "Still a better love story than Twilight."
    #5: Smoking grass
    I invited my friend to my house to smoke, and we went into my backyard and started smoking out of my bowl. About 10 minutes into the cyph I ask him to hold the weed, and he wasn't being very careful about it so some of it blew away by the wind. I was pretty tight, so I went into my backyard and ripped some grass off the ground and packed it into the bowl(with some weed too of course) and made him smoke it. After he smoked it all, I told him I packed grass and he refused to believe me. I think until this day he still doesn't believe me, but hopefully by putting this on my list he will believe me now.
    #4: Taco Bell Fail
    After getting stoned, my friend and I had the munchies and went to our local taco bell. We walked in and began staring at the menu that laid above our heads. We walked up to the register where we waited for someone to take our order but nobody came. We stood there for 15 minutes as workers passed by, but nobody took our order. Some guy walks in and goes to the register next to ours, and his order is taken immediately. Me being the guy I am, complained to the manager, who proceeded to show me that the register machine I was standing in front of said closed on it, so basically my friend and I stood for 15 looking like complete dumbasses, while the register next to us was open the whole time. I was kind of hoping nobody saw, but as soon as I turned around the whole store was looking at us and holding back their laughter.
    I was too stoned to remember if we even bought food there or not
    #3: 8th disaster
    <span style="font-size:14px;">It was a sad day for me as one of my best friends relatives passed away. Although I never met the person, I loved my best friend very dearly and I felt her pain. My friends called me up and told me to throw down 10 because we were copping an 8th. I agreed and we went to go smoke. Keep in mind, this was during the beginning of my smoking years, so even a dime would have made me go as crazy as Miley Cyrus. As we begin smoking I get a call from my best friend saying that her family was having a reunion on that very night, and she asked if I wanted to come. I said I wouldn't be able to make it because she lived too far and it was already 9 pm, but she said they were going to a different family members house who so happened to live in the same neighborhood as me. She also said she would ask her cousin to pick me up and take me back home, so I agreed to go but I didn't mention that I was smoking an 8th as we were on the phone, and it was too late to get my money back since we already started smoking.</span>
    <span style="font-size:14px;">Her cousin picks me up about a half hour later, and man I was high. I don't remember exactly what happened, but every time I would try to say, "I'm sorry for your loss." in Spanish, I would begin tripping on my words. I also remember eventually asking her if my eyes were red, which was when she realized I was as high as a kite. She wasn't mad at all, in fact even though a close family member passed away earlier that same day she laughed at the fact that I was high. And that is why I love her  :love: </span>
    #2: Performance of a life time
    Another one of my best friends came over to my house one day, and she lived really far so I told her to sleepover and she could sleep in the guest bed room(But we both knew she wasn't sleeping in the guest bed room)
    She calls her mom and tells her some BS story, and her mom bought it. We met up with some friends from the hood and began smoking, but this girl doesn't know what's good for her so she didn't smoke.
    Man was I high.
    An hour after I smoke, just her and I go back to my crib and start fooling around when her mom calls and tells her that she knows she's at my house, and was going to pick her up. I give her mom my address and her mom drives over.
    When her mom gets to my house, she comes into my house and starts talking to me, asking if she ever slept over before, if we go out, if we have had sex or not, all the stuff that a good concerned mother needs to know! 
    I'm high as fucking balls and talking to this woman like I've never done before. Thank GOD the lights were off so she couldn't see how fucked up I was, but Jesus Christ the lady was talking to me for 30 minutes and I couldn't stop thinking about food and porn and sleeping.
    Eventually she leaves, but before she leaves I give her a speech about how much her daughter means to me and how special she is to have a daughter like the one she has.
    I think I did a pretty good job convincing her mom nothing happened between her daughter and I, because a week later we did the same thing just without getting caught. :yay: 
    #1: Making friends
    This story isn't really crazy, but it has a sweet message.
    My boy and I go to some roof he was telling me about, so we go up there to smoke. We get to the top, finish rolling all that good stuff, but neither one of us has a light, so we start walking back towards the exit until we see 2 other kids come up to the roof. Us being the stoners we are, we ask them if they have a light and we invite them to smoke with us, they tell us they do have a light, but they were just about to start rolling TWICE of the amount we had. So we chilled with them, got super fucking high, made jokes all night, talked about life, and it turned out they were even from the same country as us. In a nutshell, it was a great ass night. We went to starbucks, tacobell, munched the fuck out, talked about politics which we knew nothing about, and at the end of the day we made some new friends that we would have never met if it wasn't for sweet sweet Marijuana :smoking: 
    This just goes to show how weed really brings people together. Until this very day, people look down on Marijuana and think of stoners as criminals. Some people are too naïve and closed-minded to realize that it is not as bad as the media portrays it. At one point in this country, African-Americans were looked down on, spat on, used as slaves, and nobody wanted to treat them like humans because they thought so low of them that they wouldn't even let them go to the same school as a Caucasian person. Today we live in a world where we look back at those days in amazement thinking, "Wow what were they thinking?". Right now weed is looked at as a bad thing too. That is because people are raised learning to never do drugs because they will kill you, but little do they know that Marijuana can't kill anyone. Since it is also classified as a "Drug" and "Illegal" people have more reasons to be against the legalization of Marijuana. But just how Slavery and Segregation was made illegal, one day Marijuana being "The Devils Lettuce" will also be a thing of the past, and together we will watch all of the wars in the world come to an end, and peace being spread all over the continents.
    Marijuana has cured more diseases than caused them. This is something that has never been done with either alcohol or cigarettes, both which are legal. Without weed I probably wouldn't be as close with half of the realest friends I have today. Stoners are the most peaceful and down to earth people you will ever meet. It just depends on the person. Just like two people can go to church, and that doesn't necessarily make them good people either. Even though you have some potheads that sit down doing nothing all day, you also have the ones that succeed in life, like Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, Steve Jobs, Michael Phelps, Willie Nelson, Cheech and Chong, even President Obama, and one day you and me will be on that list too! :metal:
    Whether weed makes you come up with some crazy invention that the world needs, or if weed makes you come up with lyrics to a cool song that has never been written before, even if it gives you an idea like, "Hey, why can't I put a soft taco inside of a hard taco that ways I won't have to pick between the 2?"
    Just make sure you use Marijuana for good reasons. Never abuse the substance to the point that you find yourself using it to escape your problems because your problem will always remain there. Instead, use weed to help you think of ways to solve the problems you face. Try to look at it from their point of view, when you're high, feelings are enhanced so maybe you'll see another side to the story. Just remember that we all make mistakes as humans and not one person in this world is perfect.
    One day the world will realize how harmless weed is, and how it can spark on the creativity trigger that lies within us. If people don't wanna smoke it, let them be. More weed for us, right? Let the closed minded people remain that way and never realize that the "devils lettuce" is nothing to be afraid about. Hell, weed is man's best friend!
    Thanks for reading everyone!
    Smoke responsibly!


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  2. nice write-up :metal:
  3. I have plenty of stories but most of them were fueled by other forces than MJ. But that Taco bell story is epic. I have one with tacobell as well, but it involves me going thru the drivethru, ordering, driving up to pay, giving my money. Then driving home with no food. It took me 10 minutes after getting home before I realized what i did. They ragged on me hard core when i got back to the store to get my food.
    I think we ALL have those "oh shit" moments with MJ. Like getting really really really high right before your parents surpise pick you up from a friends to go to a family get together. Just recently a picture re-surfaced of that night, and im in the back corner, all kinds of stoned looking. Hahaha I started dieing laughing, my mom asks why. I said because that night i was mega baked. All she said, was,
    "Yea we knew"
    My parents are awesome now that im alot older, but then, they hated my antics.
    Haha thanks guys! This is my first article so its great to read feedback from fellow Cannabis Enthusiasts :)
  5. 1. My brother had his guy friends over (can't complain), and we went in the garage and smoked blunts and oneys. I just remember we all sat in chairs eating chips, staring at the door for like an hour. 2. Going to a gas station and buying a bowl (while high), and the clerk says in his Somalian accent "Tobacco purpose only?" And I'm like "oh yeah." And we just crack up.3. Getting my newbie friend stoned and watching her fall into thorns (we were in some random woods) and just sleep. 4. In California, was at my moms friends party, and the 50 year old woman offers me weed in her bong, so I'm like hell yeah! I was scared because my dad is extremely against it, and my mom is too. So we smoke on the deck and my mom comes out...Mom: Why do I smell pot?Me: I have no clue. Mom: *sits down next to me* Give me a hit or I tell dad.Me: -----just shocked 5. This isn't really a story but I love just smoking with new people, cruising in my car. I think today I might smoke up a total random stranger. Ill write and tell you what happens (unless I get arrested).
  6. So yeah didn't smoke up a girl, I asked her to come smoke and she smokes a fucking cigarette...... I was like "420 friendly?" And she's like god no. So, sucky day.
  7. Weed is just insanely awesome. Countless stories and experiences, people brought together in unison. Good times. ^_^
    Nice post man.
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    <sup>Friend: Dude.</sup>
    <sup>Me: (waits 5 seconds) What?</sup>
    <sup>Friend: I don't know</sup>
    <sup>Very simple toker moment.</sup>
    <sup>[member="Misty Mountain Hopper"]</sup>

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