Top 10 hiphop verses of all time

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    I know this is one if those things that every time you think about it you could get a different list but I wanna hear what y'all think. 

    My list
    1. Cappadonna - Winter Warz
    2. Nas - Memory Lane (2nd verse)
    3. Kool G. Rap - The Symphony  
    4. Nas - Halftime (2nd or 3rd verse) 
    5. Jay-Z - U Don't Know (2nd or 3rd verse) 
    6. Ice Cube - Straight Outta Compton 
    7. Inspectah Deck - Triumph 
    8. AZ - Lifes a Bitch 
    9. Nas - Live at The BBQ 
    10. Busta Rhymes - Scenario

    Honorable mention 
    Nas - Hero (last verse)
    Big Daddy Kane - War (1st verse)
    Jay-Z - A Million an One Questions
    Nas - The message (1st verse)
    Rakim - Lyrics of Furry (2nd verse)
    Nas - Verbal Intercourse
  2. Notorious BIG - Juicy

    "It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine"

    Wu Tang Clan - CREAM
  3. Biggie- Notorious Thugs
    Phife - Buggin Out
    Kanye- Make her Say
    Busta- Scenario (This verse is crazy and energetic)
    Slug- Trying to Find a Balance
    Gang Starr- Moment of truth
    Gang Starr Now Your Mine
    Plug 1 and 2, MF Doom- Rock Co. Cane Flow (I like all the verses)

    Not hip-hop but Bob Dylan spits hot fire in Subterranean homesick blues
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    Everyone has their own opinion but check out this list I found yesterday. It's really specific and not bad at all I think.

    The AllHipHop Top 20 Dopest Verses Ever!.

    lol, just noticed OP that like all ur choices are from the list I posted from allhiphop
  5. like the list. Neveer realized how sick the final verse of Hero is...

    and love the sig, Fuck Duke :)
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    Hell yeah the n¡gger album always gets overlooked, each verse on it could get a honorable mention, especially America and Hero.

    Ohh and

  7. Really?? Top 10 all time
  8. My list isn't really a top ten of all time. I was gonna write that but forget.
    I d

    If you don't think thats a good verse your bullshitting yourself. Regardless, of your opinion on the dude and his ego, he takes that song to the next level with his verse. You can feel his passion and energy push it over the edge.
  9. 1 Jay-Z - U Don't Know (2nd or 3rd verse)
    2 Ice Cube - Straight Outta Compton
    3 Inspectah Deck - Triumph
    4. AZ - Lifes a Bitch
    5. Nas - Live at The BBQ 5. Jay-Z - U Don't Know (2nd or 3rd verse)
    6. Ice Cube - Straight Outta Compton
    7. Inspectah Deck - Triumph
    8. AZ - Lifes a Bitch
    9. Nas - Live at The BBQ
    10.Big Daddy Kane - War (1st vers
  10. my top 5, 10 will take some time lol

    1. Gang Starr - Moment of Truth (2nd verse)
    2. Common - Used to Love H.E.R. (either the 2nd or 3rd verse)
    3. Nas - One Mic (2nd verse)
    4. Nas - One Love (3rd verse)
    5. Lupe Fiasco - Glory (2nd verse) **a personal favorite of mine
  11. Kind-of but not neccessarily in order. One verse reminds me of another after my first three.

    1. Winter Warz is one the top of the list for me too. Capa's verse is one verse that I have committed to memory. "You're stuck on stupid like I'm stuck on the map" Wow. I put this on mixes and tell people, make sure you wait til 2:30 thru.

    2. Dice Raw's verse in The Roots "The Lesson" the last verse on "Do you Want More" "I beat-down punks, cut'em up into fruit chunks.."

    3. AZ's verse in "Life's a Bitch" -- great flowing verse, so good.

    4. Ice Cube's verse to start "Straight Outta Compton" "Mix'em and Cook'em in a pot like Gumbo" -- who gets away with that?

    5. Each verse in Word a Mouth's "Famous Last Words" -- if you haven't heard this one, it is one of the best realatively unknown hip hop songs ever in my opinion. The last verse by Met (I think that's his name) is the best one on the song. "Tell a friend, tell a foe, tell a Ho, tell any fellow, I do it right like Danny Aiello, I'm comin at you like a helicopter, chopped ya, you couldn't hold the mic if I spot ya" Jeezz

    6. Big Daddy Kane's verse in Marley Marl's "The Symphony" -- "battlin me is dangerous to health, so put a quarter in your ass cause ya played yourself"

    7. From KMD's "Nitty Gritty" Satat X's first verse -- and every other verse in this track. Grand Puba on the other end of the track....I can tend to stay in my car when this one's on the mix.

    8. Reverend Willam Burk's first verse on "Who Da Man" -- "Heavy metal blast devils, shovels bury devils, I travel through lower levels, killing demons and rebels."

    9. N.Y.C. Everything's first verse by the RZA, off one of his Bobby Digital albums. Just hard, RZA at his best. "Stuck to your ass like a Victoria Secret wedgie". Meth's verse that follows is pretty hot too.

    10. Guru's (GangStarr) second verse in "Too Deep" is great. "...givin the brothers new visions of how we can gain wealth and gain self esteem and dream of a total different scene - I dress clean stand mean say what I mean and I'm out." RIP Guru.

    Great topic by the way, this stuff gets me through the day! :hello:
  12. Binary Star-Reality Check(1st verse by One Be Lo)
    Black Star-Definition(1st verse by Mos Def)
    Eminem-Infinite(3rd verse)
    Gang Starr-Moment of Truth(3rd verse)
    Lupe Fiasco-Daydreamin'(1st verse)
    Nas-The Message(1st verse)
    Nas-One Mic(2nd verse)
    Zion I-Temperature(2nd verse by Talib Kweli)
    Zion I-Bad Lands(all verses)
  13. Thanks a lot, now I wont be able to fall asleep

  14. I mean I love kanye but I think there's alot better verses out there
  15. Big L - Da Graveyard
  16. delivery: Murder was the case (last verse)
    [ame=]YouTube - Snoop Dogg - Murder Was The Case (Original)[/ame]

    Lyrically: Lyrics of fury
    [ame=]YouTube - Eric B & Rakim - Lyrics Of Fury[/ame]
    1. Biggie- Notorious Thugs
    2. AZ- Rather Unique(pick any verse..1st is my fav but 3rd mite b the best)
    3. Nas- One Mic (3rd verse)
    4. Inspectah Deck (Triumph)
    5. Biggie- Everyday Struggles (2nd verse
    6. Eminem-Renegade (1st verse)
    7. Big Pun- Twinz (dead in the middle of italy....) song really got me on pun
    8. Nas- It Aint Hard To Tell (verse 1)
    9. Nas- Doo Rags (last verse)
    10. Nas- NY State of Mind part 2 (last verse)
    11. AZ-Affirmative Action
    12. AZ-Life's a Bitch (1st verse)
    Honorable specific order just off the top of my head
  17. Dr. Dre - Forgot About Dre [last verse]
  18. Gangstarr - All for the cash (great message portrayed in this one)
    Gangstarr - Moment of Truth (a classic)
    Jedi Mind Tricks - Animal Rap (Vinnie Paz's verse)
    Nas - Ether (murderfest the whole way through)
    Immortal Technique - Dance with the Devil (song and freestyle song after it)

    In no order.
  19. surprised no one has brought up lupe's "conflict diamonds"

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