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  1. so has anyone heard "the pot" off the new tool record 10,000 days?

    i'm aware of maynard's view on the subject, but this song seems pretty harsh. i'd say at least half of tool's fanbase are stoners (myself included). i mean if this song wasn't so good, it might offend.

    goddamn tool with their melodic harmonies which lull me into ultimate relaxation. smoke weed every day.
  2. I'm not aware. I'm a very new fan of Tool, care to share their view?
  3. well i'm not 100% on how he feels about all drugs and/or drink, but i know maynard despises marijuana. not sure why though. i believe there's a line or two in aenima on the subject as well. you should read some more about maynard if you're bored; interesting stuff.
  4. Thats really weird, seeing as how I know maynard has chilled with Chino and written a song with the deftones before. And Stephen Carpenter used to have a pic on their myspace of him with a nice zip full of bud hanging out of his mouth.
  5. I think Tool is an awesome band and their sky-scraping rock outs blow my mind when I'm stoned... but Maynard is still an incredible asshole. How many songs knocking christianity does he have to write to be satisfied?

    If he really does despise marijuana then I hope he's at least of the irony of how it's indirectly helped his career
  6. I think the band is extremely overrated. Best thing going for them is a talented drummer.
  7. while the drummer is amazing, id say that maynard is just as big a reason for their popularity as anything, i feel he has one of the best singing voices in rock this day and age
  8. ^ I agree.

    Personall I couldn't give a shit what he thinks about Marijuana or drug use... i'm still going to listen to his music if its good, I don't have to be found of the guy
  9. I like APC better...
  10. I dont remember mynard talking about weed except for in Dier Eir Von Satan when he recites a hash brownie recipe in german. Can you give an example?

    Edit// ok i listened to the song.. i was turned off by the first part but i think i figured it out. He's talking about critisizing others in general (not just weed smokers). He could be directing it towards authority figures who "throw thier stones around" critisizing drug users when they are in fact just as guilty-- "Who are you to wave your finger.. fucking hypocrite" Of course he is directing towards people stoned out of their minds (lemonjuice all up in your eye) but i think it goes two ways.

    BTW i love this site, some tool songs were beyond my comprehension so i looked here . Heres th pot

    --Who would've known that Lipan Conjuring was an apache exorcism or that 10,000 days = 27 years, which is the ammount of time between Maynard's mother's stroke and her death? You don't see many heavy metal artists these days dedicating an albulm to their mother. Deciphering the meaning behind tool songs is half the enjoyment :D.
  11. My opinion on Maynard smoking pot:

    I could be wrong, but given sketchy proof, and just by my "stoner-radar" I personally think Maynard is a consumer of marijuana. I believe many people out there would agree with me.

    My opinion on the song "THE POT":

    In this song, I think it is very easily taken the wrong way because he does accuse the average stoner of being basically just as bad as the government because, face it, we ARE just as guilty of being liars and frauds as they are... Just in two completely different perspectives. Our lifestyle, as pot-smokers, IS an extremely secretive lifestyle by nature. And we all know what's wrong with the government. It's about liars and thieves calling liars and thieves "liars and theives". "THE POT" calling the kettle black ("pissing over my black kettle"). The line "Liar, lawyer, mirror for ya--What's the difference?" addresses this very thing. Druggies are liars, so are lawyers--Where is the difference? I think it also uses the widely recognized marijuana wars as a platform to address all of the hypocritical things that the government has always done.

    Basically, in my opinion, it is a GREAT SONG. It's lyrically AMAZING; not to mention FUCKING FUN to listen to when stoned. :D
  12. tool is against alot of things, jst because hes against pot, which i dont think he really is, but what does it matter if he is, its his opinion and he makes great music, and the pot is really the only song that mentions weed like it does, dier eir von satan is a recipie for satan balls, if u get the translation it sounds really good, u jst need turkish hashish.
  13. the a perfect circle album 13th step, Maynard's lyics helped me deal with my own addictions,i thank apc for that...They seem to bring up some very interesting topics as does Tool,its hard to judge when maynards being sarcastic sometimes. you know maynard smoked a lot of pot when he was hangin out with Bill Hicks...(i think maynard was one of the young men on acid who realized that life...ect)
  14. Tool's new album is da shizzle.

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