Took to much man, to much (first time tripping)

Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. Saturday was my first time tripping off shrooms. It was very eventful to say the least.

    We had a 20 grams between 5 of us (should have had an oz, but we got riped off), actually 6, but the one chick that was there only took 1.5 grams well everyone else had about 3.7 or 3.8.

    We were going to trip in my house since my parents were gone. We had one person there that wasn't tripping to keep control, but he didn't do a very good job.

    We all ate our bags at 2 pm. I put half of mine on a slice of pizza and eat the rest with nothing. I started hallucanting at about 2:40 or so. I started to see the carpet move, it was getting sucked out of the room. Then I looked at the celing and it was spinning and flashing different colors. About then everyone else started seeing things. One of my friends saw a mirror that said Budwieser turn 3-D.

    After everyone started seeing stuff, a couple of use went into my room with some Led Zep playin and my 'eat me' black light shrooms poster to look at. It was the coolest damn thing I have ever seen in my life.

    After the shock value of that wore off, me and 2 other people went for a drive, with the sober person driving of course. That was fun too. My friend in the back seat could not stop laughing and pretty soon he thought the only thing that existed was my 'furry' car. He was really fucked up to say the least. Then my sober friend got the idea to call my house and say we got arrested.
    That was when everything turned bad. When we got back to the house, all my friends were freaking out because they didn't know what was going on, they thought we were in jail. So we all just started running around trying to clean up my house (god knows why). Then one of my friends started puking. During that time I completely lost all sense with reality.

    I had no idea what the world was outside my house. The basement was evil, and my lifing room was a haven from it all. I couldn't move out of that room for fear of falling through my kitched floor. but of course I forgot about that after awhile and went outside.
    The moment I opened the door my eyes were flooded with light and it seemed that there was no world, but only clouds, and the clouds spread out and a giant hand came from them. That scared the shit out of me, so I ran back inside and downstairs.

    What I found there was no better then outside, my friend from the fuzzy car was laughing uncontrolably on my couach. I went and sat down in the chair across him and he stared to fall into it. Then I guess I blaneked out because I don't remeber what happend.

    When I woke up, everyone was sitting in the basement asking questions like 'what are you?' 'what is you?' 'whats going on?'
    Actually, I think Whats going on was the question of the trip, almost everybody there had a bad trip and was asking that question.
    I don't remeber how I got out of the basement after that, but I remeber helping my puking friend out of the bathroom, and then offering people insane amount of money to clean my house. After that, I sat huddled up in a blanket in my lifing room with my friend that had puked, and we stayed there for the remander of our trip, which was a good for us.

    Then my friend that I hadn't seen the whole trip (expect when he would walk into everyroom every 20 sec and ask 'Can I sleep?') came into the room. He had a very eerie look about him and I asked him what was up and if he knew what the fuck was going on. He didn't answer so I askd him again, and again, no answer.
    He didn't talk for the longest time, but he is a member of this site and I'll let him explain his trip for you.
    That was pretty much my trip though, shitty as it was.

    Anyway, I was just wondering what could have made this go wrong? I think for me it all stared when my friend puked. It also might have been all the people that were there, but I dunno. Anyway, enjoy my story
  2. I happen to be the fellow that wouldn't speak and saw the budwiser plaque turn 3D.

    Like cowofsteel said we ate the shrooms around 2:00 and started tripping around 2:45 while watching super troopers. After about 30 minutes I could feel myself getting higher and higher and eventually just started tripping. I could no longer watch TV, for the watery carpet, curved walls, and 3D images were too interesting.

    At 2:45 everyone got up and started experiencing shrooms. Everyone was having a good time hallucinating. I think it would be wise of cowofsteel to take a picture of the "Eat Me" mushroom picture and post it on here...with the black light and while tripping, it is easily the coolest thing I'd ever seen.

    There is a perimeter of black and red stripes around the "Eat Me" words. While watching it, the perimeter started flowing like a river. It was almost too cool to look at.

    I fell asleep for some reason, I regret doing it because I was missing part of the trip. But I woke up - thinking I was in a dream. I thought that because the other trippers were downstairs all asking "what's going on", which confused the hell out of me. I was convinced I was dreaming, but I wasn't.

    When I woke up I was having some sort of amnesia. I saw my too good friends upstairs but I seemed to have a lost memory of them. I felt like I knew them in a different lifetime. After a while I was just getting pissed off because I wanted to come back to reality (get away from the dream) but I was convinced I couldn't sway back into reality - that I was stuck in some dimension that was going parallel with our dimension.

    After laying down and thinking to myself, I realized I actually might be in reality. I called my friend's cell phone and after smoking a few I figured I had to be in reality.

    An eighth of dried shrooms is too much for a beginner. I recommend 1/2 to 2/3 of an 8th for a beginner.

    But yeah, there's my story.
  3. This isn't always the case, but when you try to fight or resist the effects of a drug, it usually turns the trip bad...

    It's sometimes difficult to completely give into the trip while still trying to be aware of what you're doing in reality...
    Just try to stay away from anything that could possibly cause any paranoia...
    Have people you can completely trust watching you so you feel safe...
    Be as comfortable as you can get...
  4. uh maybe when your sober friend called the house to say you got arrested hehe, ya know that would cause pararoia and thats never good when on shrooms :p
  5. You probably just ate too much if it was a bad trip. Just eat like 2.5 grams and smoke mad weed next time. Just don't watch Home Alone 2, you will go insane.

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