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  1. My question is I have a 7 by 7 by 7 but my setup takes away 2 to 3 feet how can I make my plans shorter without having to cut down or raise my roof? Any advice would be great thank you GC!:hello:
  2. as in cut down the plant or the setup? anyway, you could try LST, topping, fimming, supercropping, scrog, a combo, etc.

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  3. read up on different grow methods. you can keep you plant low and bushy with the right training. and i mean you still got 4 feet to play with.
  4. Start flowering when your plants are at 1\3rd of the desired total height . Also incorperate SCROG and LST.
  5. Ya I don't wanna have to flower right away I wanna get my plants bushy and not to tall my set up goes up about 3 feet and ibhave a MH 1000for WATT BIT WITH A SWITCHABLE BALLAST HAT I SWITCHED TO 600WATTS

  6. What would I look under on GC I do wanna get to know how to train my plants to be short and bushy considering I don't have much height
  7. well during flower plants could double in size.. so your 3 foot plant could turn into a 5-6 foot plant...
    just google how to train your weed plants. im sure tons of shit will com up
    and hostileguy put a link in his post

  8. Ill have to read up on those I've heard and seen them on forums but never really knew what they meant!:confused:
  9. ok cool thank you!

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