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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Eric149, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. MY plants have been growing for 4 months in woody area getting a limited amount of sun and i only attend them once a week some are about waiste high and others are only about 8 inches tall and not bushy at all with no large fan leaves. (they are starting to show sex.) just took out 3 males)my question is do you think they will yield anything at all because they are so small. (growing since end of april) Sry no pics, Thanks
  2. have you been feeding them? if so what?

    the waist high plants you have an oportunity to get a yield, a little bud off the others but dont hold your breath, since your underfunded in lighting
    proper feeding will be important the next few weeks to catchup
  3. Are they showing signs of nute deficiencies?

    If not then they just can't compete with the trees over there.
    The trees take (allmost) all the light all the water and all the nutes.
    In heavily wooded areas you will not even find grass (the stuff you walk on) on the ground because of this.

    Are there other plants around (not MJ) that look happy?

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