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too small blunt?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by guitardude105, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. hey guys im by no means an apprentice but i just didnt know if anyof you have ever tried just rolling a small blunt for yourselfs i live in NY my moneys tight so i only bought a .5 dime bag but its pure fire. i was just wondeirng if you have any tips except for rolling it super tight/tearing off a little extra cigar leaf.
  2. if you dont have enough for a blunt roll a jont or mix the blunt with tobacco :smoke:
  3. yeah, try mixing with tobacco. or you could probally get igher for the money is you use a bowl:smoke:
  4. I've rolled a .4 blunt before. The best way to do it is to rip the rillo in half, and save the other half. That way you won't be smoking a lot of paper, or you can just work the blunt until you get it really tight but it may burn a little fast.
  5. buy a dutch cigarillo. its small enough to fit .5 perfectly.
  6. Thanks yah that is what i was thinking and lol to the other people i want ablunt not a cigar!

    thanks for the help tho.

    and no i don't have bowls/bongs and id rather have a slower burning blunt to chillwith instead of a jay

  7. Haha I know how you feel man, feels more chill when you have a blunt/joint.
    Enjoy :smoke:
  8. I rolled a skinny ass joint the other day with what was probably .3 of some pretty dank stuff. Made sure the take some pretty serious tokes and I got pretty damn high :)
  9. Roll a mini blunt, not a skinny blunt. About joint-length. :smoke:
  10. uhhh try a white owl cigarillo they do the job for me.
  11. if your only buying dimebags I would much rather buy a small pipe. I dont have a problem rolling a nice blunt when I pick up, but if I am getting low, I like to conserve a bit more.

  12. werd. but you can roll 3 out of a dime. roll 2 .5 five dutches. then smoke them a little more then half way down. powwww! 3 blunts.
  13. this. tabacco makes decent filler. .5 blunt wouldent be very big. plus tabacco would make it smoke more evenly.

    best bang for your buck smoke out of a pipe or bong.

    i remember watching a study on tv that showed:
    blunts get like 34% of the THC
    as bongs get like 84%

    it was on manswers. lol.
  14. Yah I'm quite good at rolling, but I'd rather a blunt just a little slower burning and just good to have every now and then especially when its just totally mellow like not at a party or with anyone. Just relaxing.

    Yes that is basically what I'm thinking now.

    I don't have any glass...
  15. I rarely roll blunts anymore.

    But when I did, which was pretty regularly,

    short and fat is always best when it comes to rolling smaller amounts of bud.

    hell, even if I had plenty of bud, I'd aim for as short and fat as possible; the wider the blunt is, the more smoke you'll be able to take in on each hit.

    If you roll it too skinny and tight, you very well could render the entire thing useless.. and a fucking waste!!! :eek:
  16. That sounds good. thank you!
  17. Man I wish you could roll 3 blunts with a dime unless it's like a 2.5 gram dime lol
  18. I roll .5 Ls all day. That shit will spread out nice. Just gotta be good at rolling it and it will turn out nice. Go blaze that shit.
  19. Lol thats all I needed to hear. I'm gonna be doing this tomorrow, I have a cute girl coming over for "guitar lessons" then I'll roll and enjoy a beautiful saturday!
  20. Yeah thats chill as fuck. Dont let that bitch roll it and mess it up though haha.

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