Too much protein bad?

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  1. For the last 2 months I've been going to the gym a lot and running a lot too. I've been eating healthy too (or so it seems). I've been trying to lean down and lose ten pounds while being muscular at the same time (I'm not fat I'd just rather be skinny/muscular built). But I haven't been able to lose weight at all and I'm at almost 20 pounds more than I was just like 7 months ago. Now I definitely have added a lot of muscle mass and slimmed down a little but at the same time I'm just like...bulky as fuck and it's bothering me. I've been drinking large protein shakes and after I workout I feel that I need more and more protein. Now I'm starting to think maybe I've been lacking in carbs after my workouts and it's not the lack of protein that's making me feel fatigued and maybe it's the carbs? And maybe drinking so many protein shakes has made me bulky and added fat along with the muscle too that it's suppose to add. Today I tried eating more carbs and less protein after my workout and I feel good. Do you think that this is definitely my problem and if I continue to do this I'll be able to get rid of that weight that I want to lose?

    I mean it doesn't even seem like I'm eating too much. Like I'll run like 7 miles a week, walk 15 miles a week and workout at the gym 3 times a week, while doing ab workouts and maybe pushups 2 other days a week and not even eat a ridiculous amount in terms of calories and fat calories and I still don't lose any weight at all. It's frustrating because I was 20 pounds less when I was already full grown not too long ago. So you think I've found my problem? Like idk it might seem obvious but I just wanna run the ideas by some other people before I conclude that this is completely my problem. Thanks.
  2. I'd like to help, but you're on a stoner forum, make it easier to read! Like maybe a few sentences lol!

    Just saying, lotta stoners won't want to read all that...

    All I know is too much of anything isn't good, balance is key, and too much protiens makes farts really potent.
  3. I'd rather get two-three good posts from people interested enough to read the whole thing than 20+ troll posts from people just feigning for rep.

    But ya I've been shitting a lot after workouts sometimes.
  4. I eat a shit load and skate places all the time im relatively skinny. My buddy who wanted to get 'big' drank a lot of protien shakes, dude mothafuckin worked out I couldnt lift a french fry to my face after I joined him...
  5. 1. Intense work out 9/10 will make you poop afterwords
    2. It's winter and your still on beginner gains why don't you continue to eat normally, eat more carbs if your fatigue, then cut come summer/ shirts off season
    3. are you drinking 8L water a day
    4. If your not losing weight and you'd like too your eating to much simple.. Eat 500 calories less a day to start
  6. How much do you weight, what's your body fat %, and what's your weekly exercise routine consist of?

  7. I'm 155 (I'm short though). Not sure of my fat %. I don't have an exact science to my workouts. Usually I just do whatever feels right. I try to work every muscle I can. My signature workout is deadlifts because I feel I get results from that but I know not to overdo that.
  8. How many days a week do you lift weights and for how long?
  9. stop taking that wack ass protein shake... that's what s making you bulky. try and eat real protein after you work hard boiled eggs. if your goal is to get stronger then lift heavier, but if youre trying to slim or get cutt, watch what you eat.
  10. Here's what you do 5-6 meals a day

    155 grams of protein a day

    I'm guessing that you have a calorie intake of about 2200 so cut it down to 1700

    Run on elyptical, treadmill, bike whatever you want and burn 500 a day

    These simple changes for a month should get you some of the things you want 3500 calories is equal to one pound of fat and 1000 calories a day lost x 7 dats a week is 7000 calories so that's about 2 pounds a week lost in body fat and then the 155 grams of protein is to maintain your muscle mass and remember to drink bout 64-96 oz of water daily hope this helps
  11. your not loosing weight because your counter balancing weight loss with your muscular gains. (i think, seems logical)

    in the first couple of weeks and months you will put on a lot more muscle than you will later on. they call it noob gains.

    its also pretty damn hard to lose weight and build muscle at the same time.

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