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  1. Pretty new to growing and got a clone to start my grow. I am using a smaller CFL grow box operation, and I'm wondering if it is getting too much light. 
    I was using 2 100 watt equivalent (23w actually used) Compact Fluorescent Bulbs. 1600 lumens per bulb with a light appearance of 5,000 K. Growing only 1 clone at this point. Basically the leaves start drooping. At first I thought maybe it was too much heat, but i put an air conditioning unit, blowing into the grow box, and a ventilation hole in the top and back of the box. Yet I still found that the plant leaves were drooping over, even with the cooling and ventilation. I tried using just 1 of the bubs instead and it's doing the same thing. Leaves just drooping over. However when I take the plant out and just let it sit in the room, the leaves go all the way back up and healthy again. I have been watering it once a day, Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Is it just too much light for a clone this small? The light is at least 10" from the plant itself. 


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  2. No such thing as too much light. How long has it been in that rock wool cube or whatnot?

  3. Oh that's a small pot. Idk depending on how long it's been in there it may be root bound. Which means the roots are expanded as far as they can go.

    If it's not that make sure to monitor how much you water it. Once, twice a week with any pots over 1 gallon. That pot won't be big enough for the duration of the grow. I have been told one gallon for every month of grow.

    Here is a pot size variation chart to give you an idea and some root bound plants.

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1412894046.015728.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1412894060.037540.jpg

    Also you will definitely want around 250-400 watts of cfl for dense, thick milky buds.

  4. Too much light? With CFLs?  :confused:
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  6. I am not an expert by any means @headchef1990 will have more useful input but you are right then! In my experience, 400 watts would be probably 150-200 more than necessary for one plant.

  7. No such thing, heat is another story.
  8. 46w of CFLs isn't 1/3 of enough light for one plant. Unless you have 3000+ watts in a 4x8 space never ask this question again.
  9. Looks a little overwatered to me
  10. There's your problem.
  11. Don't water it every day. Let it get thirsty

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  12. Your lights aren't too strong or too much. They are too weak and too far. You need atleast 100 actual watts. Never look at equivalent watts, that numbers useless. You only look at actual watts. Right now you have 46 watts, you gotta atleast double that.

    Also, the lights are too far from the plant. They are CFL's and should be no more than 2 inches away from the plant. Heat should really be a problem with these lights either, as they give off very little.
  13. And many other people are correct as well, it seems you may be overwatering. Weed plants like dry periods, so water once, maybe twice a week and you should be good.
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    Thanks guys. I'm completely new to growing and learning about all of this, so thank you for the cooperation. 
    I've got  5 bulbs, 111 total watts and 7,200 lumens at 6,500K per bulb running right now and closer to the plant.  it is growing much better and faster. I really think I want to replace all the lights that I am using with a singular 200W bulb. Would this be more efficient? If so what would be a good brand to get? I was looking at a 250W HPS setup as well, but do HPS get real hot? I'm growing in a smaller unit about 2 1/2 feet high for now. 

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