Too much heat?

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  1. Hey.

    Just wondering if anyone had a photo example of what a plant looks like when its too close to the light (my bro told me that the edges would go brownish). I just wanted something to compare to mine to check if its getting too much heat.

  2. You get leaf curl, easy as that.
  3. I put this plant up on a block to get it closer to the light a few days ago (it's an indica hybrid that's smaller than all my other plants.) It burned within a few hours being too close to my 600W HPS.

    I would say that I didn't have much problem with my plants about 7" from the light, but in this instance, the plant didn't care for it at all. I've since dropped it down and it's thriving. See the next photo.

    It's difficult to see because HPS lighting doesn't come across on my digital camera very well...but it does show the leaf curl. The margin on the leaf is crispy, too. The top flowers appear healthy, though..they don't show any signs of deterioration as do [some of] the leaves around it.

    Hope this helps. This is my first grow, but it was very clearly an error on my part by placing this plant too close to the light.

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