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Too much bud!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kiiara, May 18, 2010.

  1. Thanks to a generous friend of mine I have aquired a huge amount of bud. It's most then I will possibly get through and I'm not interesting in dealing at all, what should I do with it? I have no real friends (new to this city & out of school in hospital a lot) with whom I can share the stuff with.:(
  2. i'll be your friend :wave::smoking:
  3. share some pics of it with us lol
  4. Fedex some to me
  5. give it to the proper authorities :eek:
  6. I recall your topic on your, situation. And how using the munchies would help, but you didn't have the means to acquire more to smoke, well nows your opportunity. It will keep, so just use this opportunity to smoke more often.

    How much is a 'huge amount'?
  7. this is some (in bad lighting. It actually is good quality).
    I was thinking about maybe hanging out downtown in the park with some special brownies or cookies and maybe that way I would meet some new people.

  8. Are we talking truckloads here? I have never heard of this "Too much bud" thing but if trucks are not your unit of measurement i would just smoke it.
  9. I would never complain about too much bud....because there is no such thing!

    *edit* Where is the rest of the bud in that picture? That can't be it :laughing:
  10. :confused:
    you have so much bud it's not even visible to the human eye?

    edit: nevermind, i can see the pic now :ey:
  11. Get a vaporizor, smoke only green bowls and ash often. Ive had pounds before and now I seem to only have a gram or two at the moment lol. If you have quite a bit then you could help out someone like yourself like your buddy did for you. If i had a whole lot, id put it in glass jars and cure it for a long long time or make some type of hash. Sometimes when I have a whole lot I roll up huge dubes and smoke only part of it and then my roach bowl looks riddiculous lol.
    And how much bud is to much to have?
  12. Why so quick to hate and mock? I'm just a beginner stoner looking for advice.
  13. I'm not hating? :confused: You talk about it as if it A LOT...and then you post a picture and it really isn't that much. I'm sure some people in the city smoke that or more in a day. That's all. That's a nice amount of bud that will last you a few weeks since you claim to be a beginner.
  14. yeah make an excess of butter... its really easy. And buds as long as you have them in air tight jars will last years, in fact they'll actually get better with time. I use oxo jars and the work fantastic. in the 2,3L ones I can get from 3-4 ounces in those and the bigger ones I can get 7-8 ounces in those....
  15. sorry man. I must have misinterpreted (I am pretty high atm). Naw, I actually smoke that much or more on the daily. I talking about roughly a 1/2 to 3/4 more than my regular stash.
  16. samples we need samples....nice of your friend too by the way!
  17. Wait, how much do you have exactly? That nug?
  18. I smoke at least that ammount right before I go to bed actually. But I still want to see the whole stash... unless thats all of it.
    Firgure that every dubie will be 1 gram.... can you really have that much?
  19. I have approx. a 1/2 - 3/4 of an oz.

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