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  1. I think this is a situation many people have been in before.

    You only have enough grow space for one plant which is flowering. You have some younger plants that are vegging. You don't want to flower the young ones (or maybe don't have space, whichever the case may be).

    What do you do with the young ones? Can you just leave them without artificial light until your other flowering room or w/e is empty? Essentially, if you just provide the plant with water and basic nutes... will it survive until you are ready to care for it properly again?

    My gut says yes, because cannabis shouldn't be any different than any other plant... it will continue to survive, just not grow a whole heck of a lot.

    Thanks GC.
  2. Well this is prolly something your going to need a more experienced grower than me to help you out. but what I would suggest is including more details, how many plants do you have, how big are they, and how much space do you have so they will be able to help you furter. Also it usually takes 8 weeks or more for flowering so leaving them without light for that long is no option.
  3. I don't want to leave flowering plants without lights.

    I want to leave some vegging plants without any artificial light to speak of, just ambient sunlight indoors and the regular lights being used for genuine lighting around the house. Flowering plants obviously require a very specific schedule that one cannot deviate from... that much I understand.

    I am simply trying to confirm that you can veg a plant in low light for long periods of time without any adverse side effects other than very meager rates of growth (which is what I actually want to encourage temporarily).
  4. Your plants will die if you only provide them with only a ceiling light and an open window.

    Are you in a place where you can put the vegging plants outside? If not, Can you put up a light proof barrier in your grow room, giving you a veg room and a flowering room?
  5. I'm going to work on the barrier concept... I had wanted to avoid it because I actually don't want the vegging plants to get too big. I want them to stay smallish so they fit inside the flowering cab once the current flowering is finished.

    But yeah, if the consensus is that little light will actually kill them as opposed to just massively slow their growth, I guess I'll have to figure something out!
  6. That's probably the best idea I think if you can, On the other hand, at least where I live it's getting close to 12/12 seasonally and possibly already here. BUT, that could work too and finish them off outside,
  7. There was frost on the cars this morning and I wore three layers when I went out... I can't bring em outside.

    I think I'll try to rig up a 2nd veg chamber somewhere or I will just put the plants into 12/12 in my cab or something, shoulda never germ'd the extra ones ><
  8. Well if the other plants are one the same time frame you could always set up a second flowering room. but like I said before set us up with some details and I gurantee you will have the solutions you need. How many plants do you have? how far apart are they? ECT.
  9. I've got two extra plants atm. They're both about a week and a half or two weeks old. In addition, there is a third that's on its 2nd week of flowering and taking up my cab (which I used to veg it in the first place). The cab is like 1'x2'x3'. I can fit the smaller one of the two young ones inside the cab, but it is certainly not close to the lights (CFLs). Inside the cab I just do not have space for the bigger vegging plant due to pot sizes.
  10. Live and learn, everybody's been there. ;)
  11. You could pick up 150 watts of CFLs from Home Depot, and some sockets and Y-adapters for the other two plants. You could also top/LST the vegging ones to keep them small, they will bush out though.
  12. Actually, I've already LST'd and topped the youngins. The problem of course is that my cab cannot physically fit the three pots at once. I'll need to MacGyver up some solution, 'cause I cannot will myself to cull even a single one.

    On a related note, today I found the first pistils on the flowering lady - IT'S A GIRL! (first evar).

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