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Discussion in 'General' started by plaksa5, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. This forum literally just has too many people.... No one knows anybody. Perfect example is the "Do you know the blade above you" thread. How do any of you have any real fun on here? The only threads that get replies are little posting games lol. Later grasscity. It hasn't been too real :cool:
  2. You've been a member for 5 days. It takes longer than that to start getting to know people and recognizing familiar 'faces'. :p
  3. So you think a forum needs to be some exclusive club to only a select few?

  4. There's ~550,000 people here wtf did you expect?
  5. Obviously it doesn't matter how long you're here if most members can only recognize the occasional avatar or sig...
  6. Let the attack of the "stoners" commence.
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    I see what you mean about the posting games, its one big, perpetual circle jerk. but actually a lot of the community knows each other well. You've been here for less than a month, chill out, meet some people, immerse yourself in discussion.
  8. It's cute when you try to troll a forum full of intelligent people who would sodomize your shitty arguments faster than you could remove that wal-mart hoodie from your ape-shaped cranium.
  9. Dude, you have 15 post. What do you expect? Oh, and I have a lot of fun here.
  10. I've been trying to get immersed but even I keep getting sucked into the posting games since they're always at the top -___-
  11. I'd rather have too many people than too few people. I've been here for a few weeks and I'm already starting to recognize people and their personalities. You'll get there soon.
  12. This kid belongs at his native 4chan, he's not ready for the city.

    Next time maybe.

    Next time.

  13. Exactly.

    Kid must be depressed or something.

  14. Who's trying to troll? What's the point of a forum? To express views and opinions on whatever is inside the thread correct? Leave the thread if you think this trolling lol. Take that wal'mart hoodie joke with you :wave:
  15. Yeah I recognize 99% of the people that posted in his thread. I haven't even been here that long.

  16. Well there are other sections of the forums,
    and I'm sure if you deviate from the General boards and into a more specific section of your particular interest then I think you'll enjoy your time here.

  17. Please explain how I am depressed or something? What?
  18. You're trolling because you know for a fact that all threads are not like you described, yet you insist on thinking you know everything, having ~16 posts here. It's also funny when kids like you try to look tough with their hoodies on their pale heads they bought from Target.
  19. I have been a member for less then 24 hours and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. There are a lot of people on these forums that will actually help you out if you have a question or need advice. Plus mostly everyone has a great sense of humor from what i've seen so far. :hello:

    You're missing out. See ya.. Also if you were going to leave why are you still replying to your "farewell" post? :confused:
  20. I know just about everyone that posts in the threads I start and people I talk to in other threads.

    You haven't even had a chance to start meeting anyone and your already bitching.

    Get real dude.

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