too late?

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  1. to put my seedlings outside?
  2. depends where you are.

    to start seeds outside now, yes. to take seedlings out right now, probably not. but it won't be any maximum yield..
  3. Ahh, we are now in the ´Is it too late this year?´ season. We will be asked that every day until 31 December.
  4. No not at all. They're is still almost 2 months of veg left.
    They won't start or finish budding any later than others started in March.
    Try planting tall sativa phenos (like a hybrid with sativa traits for growth and indica traits for flowering times). They will continue growing even in August and still get huge (6 feet). Even any bagseed can do real good still. it depends on the grower too.

    BUT don't mess it up from the start:

    Get an airy soil mix (with 1/3 perlite or lava chips) + 1/4 castings for food to start them so they grow the best. Just use plain water in 1st month (no nutes at all). Place in holes when they are 1.5 - 2 feet tall and pretty strong (after 2-4 weeks normally).

    Don't place baby seedlings in hole too soon (rain, wind, animals, bugs). It's better to wait as you won't have a second shot. If you need to start them outdoors you can put them on an elevated branch or bush). No greenhouse as they can die of heat in it now even if it's open.

    Some growers start in July even and get a good harvest. But you need them to have a smooth ride and plant tall plants (not small indicas) if possible.

    OldPork once started in beg. June and got 6 + foot tall plants. But then, it's Oldpork. A smooth ride is the key. Good luck.
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    Im not going to make a new thread since I found this one and I can ask here. I went and picked up a seedy zip about 2 weeks ago and I desided that since my autoflower grow died I would take six of the best seeds I have and sprout them with the intent of putting them outside pretty much right after they hatch from the dirt. Right now all of them have germinated just fine and I put them in a contanor of dirt lastnight. One has popped out of the soil and the other 5 will follow. I am wondering if its ok to put these outside on saturday? I dont have the indoor stuff required to make these things any stronger obviously since I did 3 attempts indoors before transplanting outdoors. I was just planning to plant them in random locations in the nearby woods about 50 yards apart from each other and just leaving them on their own during the summer. I will go back one time in july to make sure they are growing or if they died and maybe to sex them. What is the likelyhood of any actually making it on their own to produce some buds? Im not picky on yeild, because they were free bagseed and I just want to smoke something I have created.

    EDIT: BTW, it has been raining here pretty much on a weekly basis so far this year. From my experience it rains here quite often, but we do have dry spells sometimes. In that case I might go out to water all the plants.
  6. They need to be about 1 foot tall to have a good chance of survival imo. You place them together outside as babies and water them/monitor them before placing in soil on their own (you'll still need to water unless your grow is in a good swamp and set up with coco for ex. to drink on their own. In the 1st month you can place them on an elevated sunny bush so they don't suffer from animals. Protect hem in case of storms (follow forecast) because they'll be drowned/killed in rain, wind and hot Summer sun. Bu tyeah start now, it's still good time.
  7. Use an airy soil mix (perlite or lava chips) not like me in the beginning. They'll grow nice and fast like that with some castings mixed up as well. Don't use peat (low pH) or rich nuted soils. Also good airy store bought potting soil will do fine to start. Plain water until 3rd set of serrated leaves show (3 weeks).

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