too late to clone?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by CRXSSF1R3, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. plant just starting to show preflowers outside, too late to clone ?
    in UK, and wanted a clone of friends best plant.
  2. Nope not at all man, you can still clone :) i'm in the UK and that's when i took my first clones and they worked fine.
  3. :wave: Yeah dude go for it, I've even taken clones during late flower if I needed to keep something going :smoking:
  4. right. should i take clones from plant in a low-light outdoor (but spot to a high light but higher risk spot? i dont have lights, but was wondering if its worth it, to increase yield.
  5. Make sure you put the clone under 24/0. If not the clone won't take. I 've learned that it's easier to clone under the veg light than the flower light. Under the veg light you can return a plant back to veg a lot easier.
  6. cut a couple or three clones, won't hurt the mother, plus run it under 24/0 light. Use go good root gel, and presto, you will have some pretty plants an a few weeks.
    Got 31 I cut on Monday, all are looking really pretty now, nice and perky, really nice green color, standing at attention, loving the light.
    (9 Ladyburn, 9 Vanilla Kush, 13 White Domina) all from known females!!!!!

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