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  1. Hello all!
    Thanks for looking!

    I have a Kings Kush


    I circled the spots where the leaves are brown and shriveled. They also have curled under as well. It is hot as hell in there and I have moved them about 4" further from the light,

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Seems to affect just that side of the plant, did the plant actually grow into the light?

    Very hard to tell u if it's too hot because u didn't tell us what the temperature is. :rolleyes:

    What sort of light r u using? :)
  3. It appears as though those leaves were up against a light.

    Sometimes people accidentally do that when they are changing water or whatever.

    Otherwise she looks fine, so I dont know if she is suffering any general heat stress other than those leaves being burned.

    Either way, she's fine, she'll recover just fine, go ahead and cut those leaves off, save her the trouble of dropping them.
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    It is a 400W HPS and they are maybe 12-16" away from it. Temperature depends on the outside temp as I live in the South and have no A/C. Last few days, it has been near 90. I keep fans blowing on them and exhaust the heat into the attic but that is all I can do.

    Thanks again for all of your help!
  5. weird.

    That's what they look like when they get right up on a light.

    Are you sure you didnt move them aside while changing the water or something to burn them?

    I did something really stupid once. I had my 400w about 2 inches from the top of my plants because I didnt realize that the temp gauge had an outdoor and indoor setting. Anyway for like two weeks they were like that. Obviously I suffered significant heat stress and that is not what they looked like, at all.
  6. It could be that I brushed it against the light while moving it. :smoking:

    Beats me! I've never had that before. Oh well, it seems to be no worse for wear. Thanks for your help!


  7. I'm not sure I did help. :p

    Yeah they should be at least that far away hps is hawt! Do you have a ccool tube? That can really help. :)

    What are your grow room temps?

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