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Too High or Bad Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CosmicFish, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. So, this question has been troubling me for some time.
    A while back when the semester at my college started I went to the creek to smoke with a buddy of mine. (I say buddy loosely, he's more of a bud-of a bud-of a bud). But we light up and while we're lighting he goes on with all this "The usual shit doesn't get me high so I have to get the strong herb yada yada" I had work in a few so I only wanted a buzz.
    I took two hits.
    After we were walking back I the intensity of the light seemed to increase to the point where everything was white. I could see the outline of his redish orange shirt but that was it. I told him I needed to sit down and fell over.
    Bad experience, I felt sick and dizzy and was freaking- I told him to get me back to the dorm and to put water and food in me now.
    I downed four water bottles and ate a couple sandwiches.
    After about 3 or 4 hours it faded but when I came down my head was killing me like when I used to get migraines.

    So my question is- was it laced or was I just wicked blasted? It doesn't seem right to me but depending on the people I talk to they'll either agree that that was bad or they'll laugh and say "Oh, you just thought you were going blind."

    Keep in mind I haven't been smoking too long, since about 15 (I'm 18) and only on stressful and headache filled days. I also don't smoke before bed because I wake up with a headache and nausea.
    Any help?
  2. If you get migraines and nausea when you smoke before bed, maybe you shouldn't smoke. Whatever health problem causes that probably caused you to have such a reaction that day. I've had great weed and I've had horrible weed but I've never had any effects like you discribed.

  3. ive gotten like this twice...but i actually knocked the fuck out and started convulsing one time i guess...i was worried man so i did a lot of research and so far i believe i might have a mild case of photosensitive epilepsy...each time it happened i was in a situation with very bright changing lights and it would make sense that it only happened while i was high since the brain is more sensitive to light and sound

  4. But I've been in other situations where I finished of a couple bowls and a bong then went to clubs and parties and such without the same reaction? I though it had might been that too when I looked around- this happened in Sept and is still poking at my thought bones. But maybe it would be something like that..

  5. I only get the headaches and nausea in the morning if I don't eat before I sleep and get baked. It's odd I think but I usually avoid the smoking before bed since it's simply not needed for me.
    But other times I just get the usual body high, no adverse effects.
  6. If you got a headache, my guess is bad weed. But maybe you got too high as well because I've had my moments (saturday) where i was just so high, I couldn't think. In my experience, when you have something you have to do like work, school, ect, the intensity of the high can make you feel too high.

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