too good to be true?

Discussion in 'General' started by kishou, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. ok well this girl on myspace randomly added me and no one else on myspace and said that she "lived" in seattle (where i live). And she moved up from cali and doesnt know anyone and asks where she can get weed. She acts very monotone too. So i'm thinking she's a police officer but idk.
  2. don't give in. Either stop talking to her, or make her prove somehow she's not a cop lol. Or just continue to talk to her, but never hook her up. idk

    i wouldn't trust it. But then again, i have a kid now so i'm a lot more cautious
  3. Don't trust her, i'd say its a 68% chance its a cop. You could fuck with her(him) if you're bored.
  4. this is what she said exactly:

    cause before when i moved to seattle i hid 4 dimes and i forgot to pick it up when i moved i told my friend to get it for me and keep it intel i pick it up but she might smoke it all all up before i get it.

    were can i get some weed?

  5. haha thats what ima do. But ima just give her rejection hotline number or something. But it would suck if i met her and everything lol.
  6. yeah man it sounds like it might be too good to be true. i would never hook some random person up over the internet.
  7. That's quite an arbitrary number.
  8. I say shes a cop man,

    Dont givbe in to random people like that.

    But even if "she" is not a cop, maybe its a rapist or someone that just wants to lick your butthole. hahahhaa:p
  9. make her send you nudes, and smash before you decide its legit to get her some ganj
  10. if you have to ask, it is.
  11. this seems to be the only one that makes sense :smoke:
  12. There are some laws that she must obey if she is a police officer, or working with the police

    question 1.
    Are you a Police Officer
    By law she must answer if she does not and you hook her up thats entrapment my friend and it will make your case null and void

    question 2 (the one most wouldn't think of)
    Are you an undercover informant?
    Again entrapment and by law she must answer

    Then if shes clean hook her up and mash
  13. From the message I read of hers, I have concluded that she is fucking retarded. I am not sure on the cop thing, but yeah I would stop talking to her. I mean come on, who spells until like that.

  14. dude, i hope you never get arrested for being so stupid. do you know what entrapment is?

    anyway, to the OP, if you sell to her, you can get into trouble. if you tell her where to find it, you will be less likely

    ie. "you can ask around this place" or some shit like that.
  15. yea forget that, I just moved to seattle too but i dont ask random people for bud.
  16. I always hate these. Cause I wanna help a brotha out, but at the same time it's not worth risking it.

    Just point her in some one elses direction or something. or ask if she wants to meet up at a sand which shop or something and don't bring anything with you until you have met her and know she's not a cop. lol

    the best way is to ask if she wants to smoke with you, cause she wouldn't if she was a cop. lololol

  17. i know an ex-narcotics agent. And he said he used to do coke and heroin and weed with all the people he busted. Cops are allowed to do the drug if it means that they can still keep their cover.
  18. Damn thats kinda fucked up.
  19. Sounds like a trap. If your not doing anything seriously illegal (growing, selling, etc.) then you have nothing to worry about. If you are doing those things its sounds like a group of cops were rejected a search warrant and are trying to get inside by other means to collect more evidence.
  20. i don't think a cop would make a fake myspace and do all that, just check our her profile you can probably tell if it's real or not.

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