Too good to be true?

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  1. Hey guys,

    My sisters just called me and is saying a friend is offering 14g of reasonable weed for £100 which to me seems like a crazy deal but apparently the guy wants rid of it today, I just wanted to get some other people's opinions on whether this seems legit? I don't wanna be walking into the guys house just to get robbed for £100.

    The guys said that I can go over, look at it and that he'll weight it in front of me, just seems a bit mad considering he's working in the only line of business where your product sells itself.


  2. Ask your sister if he's legit. I've had dealers contact me trying to get rid of bud. Usually it's because they are going to stop dealing for one reason or another. 
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    My sister seems to think he's alright, just don't always trust her judgement, think I'm gonna go down an see anyway, I can't imagine this guy robbing me when he knows some of my family.
  4. If you do it pay attention to detail, look to see if the dudes acting nervous. That sort of stuff. Keep the $ in your shoe or something like that so if he try's to rob you just say you don't even have the money.
  5. The British are coming, the British are coming!
  6. probably a sound guy trying to offload some crap 
    i doubt he will rob you
  7. Just be careful and don't ignore your gut feelings.
  8. That's what I thought at first, apparently he's a sound guy trying to offload some decent weed, we'll see when I get there, he's said I don't have to decide till I get there :)
  9. worth a shot, save yourself 40 quid 
  10. You'll never know if you don't try.
    Go for it, just bring a friend with you in case things go wrong.
  11. so OP howd it go?
  12. You might find it's totally legit. I've had similar deals off one of my friends relatives and a dude we befriended cause he worked in the co-op we used to go in all the time in the past here in the uk. So it's not totally unheard of.
  13. Let us know how it goes...
  14. It went well! He seeme like a spot on guy, let me weigh it myself, offered me to test it first etc and gave me a little over 14g!
    The best part was that he even made me a brew! :D


    It a little leafy, but smells lovely, exactly like the first weed I ever bought, can't wait to have a smoke, havn't ha the chance this evening.


  15. Good thread guys.
  16. Damn boi dats dat DANK U HOLDIN
  17. That's awesome dude, gives me hope that there are still a few decent people out there.
  18. daaaaank bro
  19. Looks like everything went well. High fives all around!
  20. Happy to hear it all worked out bro!!

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