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Too Excited To Smoke

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 2313, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Does the thought of smoking in the morning before you smoke ever keep you up. I live with my parents so that might be why but when they leave for work and my parents go to school I can just smoke at home and get some care free living in you know haha. Anyways so when this happens I'm like a little kid the night before Christmas because I just got a brand new 28 inch bong with and I've catcher that rips soooo hard. It's a treat. I have like that and 5 gs for tmrw so I'm so pumped. Does anyone else have this problem haha maybe I just love weed way to much!
  2. That feeling tends to go away after you've been toking for a while, but I know exactly what you mean. It's almost like a "high" you get before getting high.

    I still experience it every once in a while after a long t-break.
  3. nah sounds like highschooler problems
  4. Yeah. The when I first started smoking lol.
  5. Not anymore. Smoking isn't something special anymore, it's just something I do, part of life.
    I like to cut back to like 2-3 times a week every once in awhile though to get that euphoric, giddy high I used to get.
  6. Learn how to spell *high school and then we will talk.
  7. Yes, I do this after long t breaks.
  8. technically don't you mean how to punctuate?
  9. After youve smoked for a while then not really, but i havent smoked in two weeks and i get my first paycheck at new job on friday so its kind of like that for me right now.........:/
  10. Living with parents; exciting, rare, sneaky
    Got your own place; normal, frequent
    Kids come along; back to exciting, rare, and sneaky
    I don't think it's anything I should have to hide, but I also don't trust my kids to know any better than to talk about daddy's indoor garden when dare officers come to visit his classroom. If it was legal, different story.
  11. LOLOL people are fucking trying to act all cool "smoked to long to even care" but me over been smoking for five years and I haven't smoked in like 7 weeks after moving shit out of my dorm room and into an apartment plus all the working ive been doing with these late shifts. I'm getting a 10 grams on Thursday of mango kush and I'm like a fucking child about it right now.
  12. No I mean learn how to spell high school. Two words just to clarify.....
  13. anyone els get excited over a nice glass of water? sure it's delicious and refreshing... is it really something to bust a nut over?
  14. O haha it's sarcastic right? So I'm not supposed to answer the question about water?
  15. haha go for it. I'm not sure of your water quality but its pretty fresh up here in BC. maybe I do take our wonderful herb (and water) for granted.
  16. Ill admit I get that way about growing a new strain and the winding up of Summer! I love outdoor crops. get so friggin big it's awesome.
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  18. Haha alright. Stay stoned man
    Go without water for a few days and let us know. It's not exciting when you have it all the time, we've already established that.
    Thanks for playing :bongin:
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    you cant be serious man thats not a spelling error its puncuation. spacing is puncuation. lmao knowledge is power

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