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  1. Hey guys first time grower here been vegging for 6 weeks under 400watt hps, i was planning on doing a scrog but then decided to ride it out my first time, no idea what strain they are,

    Anyway do you think its goong to become too crowded in there for 3 plants? Would you remove to allow bigger/ healthier plants or do you reckon 3 wil be ok? Fliped them to 12/12 2 days ago,
    Using flairform green dream nutes

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  2. With pics
  3. Dude SCROG that shit! There is plenty of time. It's not too late!
    It could get crowded. They can double to triple in size during the stretch and with no training you would be surprised how fast it can fill.
    I flipped the lights 17 days ago and most of my scrog work has been since then. Its a lot of fun.
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  4. Looks awesome wish id looked into it more & topping. How high above screen do you expect th tops to finish?
  5. Hopefully no more than a few inches.
    We have been keeping everything below the screen and in a little more than a week will let them go.
    It all comes down to timing. This is our first grow and we don't know the strains so it might be off a bit.
    Topping is really easy. You just cut the new growth off right above where the new set of leaves branch out. We did it a bunch of times on our girls and also LST'd them a bunch.
    Check out my grow journal if you want. It's getting crazy in the tent. 
  6. Checked out your journal looking mint,

    Put together this screen this arvo, does it look how its meant to? I then installed as the lights went off for night cycle,

    Any changed you can reccomend i make to it? Raise it? Lower it?

    Then is it pretty much stalling the growth of main stem and allowing others to catch up before putting them through the screen with a close to even canopy?

    Cheers for any input youve got

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  7. That screen looks pretty good and it looks like its in a good position.
    Now everything can grow through the screen but no more than 2 inches. Once a growth tip is 2 inches above the screen, you pull back down through the hole it was growing through and move it over one square towards the outside.
    That will keep everything right at screen level and will allow for more bud sites to grow up and have the same training happen to them.
    Then everything just starts multiplying. About 3 weeks after flipping to 12/12 is when you just let everything grow. The stretch should be over then and they should just start developing the buds.
  8. Sweet bro cheers for the heads up, do you ever remove the screen or just leave it in till harvest?
  9. I plan on keeping it in until harvest.
    Then I just cut the two strings, pull them out and the screen is removed.
  10. Sweet heres a couple more pics lower tops starting to come through hopefully theyll make it to the screen,

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  11. Been on 12/12 for 10 days no proper signs of flowering yet, scrog nets been in for about one week,

    Looking at adding 2 cfls at the bottom on the back wool about 4" above top of soil,

    Do you think theyll be alrite to finish in this cabinet or should i look at getting a bigger one

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  12. They can finish in around 2 weeks prune all the stuff below the screen..then you'll just have colas.
  13. Nice colas! I agree with this guy. I don't like the idea of the plant wasting energy on a low, tiny bud.
  14. nice screen
  15. Sweet screens starting to fill out
  16. If im going to prune everything below screen would there be any point addong cfls below screen?
  17. Nope....and if you let the stuff on bottom go I would bet money on powder mildew
  18. Screen is a waste when they're that close..all you're doing is giving them support which you can do with bamboo steaks..depending on your max light height you might want to supercrop em
  19. You need to get those plants in light proof containers asap. Light harms the roots.
  20. Aren't they in black grow bags?

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