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  1. Hi i am 9 weeksinto my veg and my plants are about 14 inches tall and are extremely dense and bushy . i have stripped a lot of the bigger leaves off twice now but they just getting bushier with no height???
    Im using coco A and B 30mls of both to 10 litres and they are in coco soil.
    I am about to start flowering on a 12/12 but am worried that the light is not gonna penetrate the plant enough?
    can anybody help?
    The strain is budda cheese..
  2. search about LST (low stress training)

    you can tie your branches down to seperate it, allowing more light to enter
  3. its too dense to do that now i have tried though....there is about 4/5 colons at the top...will these shoot up after ive switched?
  4. Once it starts getting 12 hours of darkness it will stretch and should give it put it into proportion :)
  5. Id try vegging 18/6 for a while to get them to search for the light.
  6. ok thanks for the tips...ive also got 2 600w sodium lights on this a high enough wattage? do u think i should hack into the plants again and deleaf them a bit as it sort of looks inpenatrable as it is or just see if it stretches out when i change the light svhedule?
  7. Damn, pretty weak responses guys. Let's break this down with the limited information given.

    Right now it would be great if you could get us a small picture reference...but here is my opinion.

    You are 9 weeks into vegging, you didn't tell us if it was seed or clone so let's see what we can do. First, sounds like your plant isn't getting enough of something. How much rootspace does it have to grow? Could you of stunted it somehow? If you stunt a plant it will never grow to it's full potential and will just bush up a lot. Need more info please

  8. That's the worst thing you could do. You're pulling the sugar and energy off the plant every time you trim it like that. You're stunting your plant. Or as Jorge Cervantes're retarding the plant.
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    Ok...they were clones that were started un small beakers...sort of coffee cup size and were transplanted into 6 ltr pots after 2 weeks....they were started on 10ml/10l A and B coco at first and have slowly increased...i will try and upload some pictures asap! Also it is in a 2m sq tent with mister and 4inch extractor fan
  10. Ah ive had some dodgy information then....grass city is the way forward from now on...big help...

  11. I think you need more root space, 6 liters for a 14inch plant seems a little small. Never grown with coco though.
  12. home depot sells 5 gallon buckets for 2.50 buy it and drill a couple of holes in the bottom. then transpalnt it and see what happens.
  13. I'm just finishing a mostly indica strain that was vegd under 24 hour light it's nodes were real tight and it looked real stubby and thick once I flipped the lights to 12 hours it main stem and branches stretched nicely to where they wanted to be.

    I wouldn't chop anything off let the plant do it's thing and it will kill off it's lower leaves in flowering.

    I wouldnt stress man a bushy plant is what you want going into flowering IMO
  14. Forget the home depot pots, look into smart pots, the air pruning is key...
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    photo (9).JPG

    photo (10).JPG

    photo (12).JPG

    photo (15).JPG

    i hope these can help...sorry they are on their not too clued up on computers etc!!
  16. Why do people have these god damn pics that have black stripes across the photo? What is that? Nice plants by the way.
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    well it was taken while the sodium lights were on inside a it must be u think they look ok?
  18. They look great man get out of here, I know I was just wondering why the bulb makes the picture look like that?

    There is no such that as too bushy by the way, just train those branches out and away from the middle of the plant.
  19. any other opinions om my plants people?

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