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  1. i just might have a sodium conversion bulb won't be here for about another 5 days and the plants are about 16 in. tall and i only have about another foot of growing room.they are growing at about 1 to 2 in. a day.i was thinking of just switching my mh light to 12/12 and getting them started so i can weed out the males and maybe tie them down a little to get them growing sideways..the stems are good and thick.about the size of a pencil..then soon as the bulb gets here just switching them to the sodium bulb..would all this work..this is just bag seed but they are bushy as hell i'm thinking i'm gonna get a shit load of bud due to a lot of bud sites..thanks
  2. alot of people use MH bulbs to flower with, u'll be fine. Your definitely gonna run out of space, if u only have a foot left and u haven't gone 12/12. I tie my sativa dominant plants down with regular old shoe string and I supercrop (break the branches)
  3. :)
    Funny, I hear you reccomend to break the branches...I cant even get branches know..become branches!

    This topping thing is just not my cup of tea.
  4. just clip the top part of your plant off this will force growing to grow out instead of up!
  5. "Break", maybe a little confusing, squeeze the branch between thumb and forefinger until you feel the branch beginning to give, squeeze all round the branch and slowly let it "fold" down, if the branch shows signs of a split do not panic, this is ok and the plant will recover and supercrop.
    good luck.

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