Too big to clear?

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  1. Yeah, I had this acrylic foot and a half bong, the bottom comes off so I took off the bottom, and duct taped it to the top of a 5 gallon primo water jug, then just added a hose to the downstem to make it reach the water at the bottom, Now its huge,,,its kinda hard to clear. So I was wondering what I could do to make it clear is it the problem witht the sealing? or the carb?
  2. no i think the problem is that its a 5 gallon jug...
  3. We have a 3 foot glass at my buddies place, its impossible to fill it and clear it in one breath. I'd imagine if you had a 6in*6in carb on the 5 gal. you might could bring in enough flow to clear it, the bong we have just wont let you clear it.

    Not to mention it takes an 1/8 to pack the bowl. So we smoke 2 bowls on 5 folks and it cost us damn near a bill. Was not a happy camper the rest of the evening.
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