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Too bad it's meant to kill.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. Coming home from another evening's running around, walking up to the house, noticing that the moon is headed toward full again, when I hear the unmistakable roar of taxpayer money coming from the north. Too dark to identify them, but they were hauling ass. 7 of them. First 2 had the afterburners lit. Last one did too.


    And at the same time a little unsettling.

    How come all the really cool toys are designed to kill?
  2. what are we talking about here ?
  3. Guess the ol' stoner was'nt too clear, was he?

    Fighter jets.

    As in US fighter jets.
  4. Thas what cool toys are for.

    We can't afford to have cool toys. They cost too much.

    So the only way to afford a cool toy , is make it for killing..

    The choppers and Planes have been going from Ft. Campbell to Florida for days. Can't get much sleep around here for all the stuff falling to the floor because they are flying 50 above the house. They rattle the house like an earthquake.

    What do you think about me sending the military a bill for damages?
  5. Give it a shot.

    You sound like you need a little more frustration in your life!:)

    I'm over 500 miles from the nearest air base. But it's been a nightly thing here lately.

    Friend of mine was on the local news in one of those man on the street type interviews. They were asking him what he thought about the Iraq sitch. He told them he envied the Iraqis. They were getting ready to see some of the finest aircraft in the world!

    Yeah. I hang around with an unusual bunch.
  6. That sounded like what would have been said in my area.

    We don't want war, But theres nothing to do but sit and hope for something good to happen.

    I've noticed that when a bad person does a bad thing, Good people pay for it..

    I think we need to send the Military to Yahooka. There are 4 people over there that would be great front line personal.

    Well hows the weather up over your way Smokie?
  7. hmmm.

    BH said:
    We can't afford to have cool toys. They cost too much.

    So the only way to afford a cool toy , is make it for killing..

    it... it is, painfully true. I hesitate to admit. there has to be some SERIOUS realignment of minds on a global scale, if humans are to survive.

    Like the adolescent John Connor said in Terminator 2,
    "We're not going to make it are we? ... Humans I mean."

    time to change our nature. we can change. we all can.


    and them maybe we could get to play with the toys without killing people.
  8. Digit, when that happens I want the blue paint balls..

    When we get these cool planes you are my first apponent. lol

    You will still have to play dead till I fre up a joint to bring you back to life.. LOL

    Playing with cool toys and smoking pot would be so damn good!
  9. it is an awesome, terrifing sight.when you see them go, and know where there going. its a chilling experience.
    our boysngirls, my peoples, our resevists, left their familys yesterday

  10. I've been seeing the fighters and transports overhead daily. It usually isn't a big deal beacue I think my house is directly underneath the turn around point for the airport and base. But them bis transports have been practicing a lot closer to the ground than usuall. The jet fighters are cool to watch but when one of the big C-10 4 engine transport is coming low overhead, low enough that you can read the numbers on the tail fin its pretty awesome.
  11. i know exactly whatch mean were on the path too.
    its not so much when one or two goes by, its when there theres like 7 in formation....

    ive also seen some wierd shit in the past years
  12. Maybe when Bush gets through with then he'll give them choppers and planes to us.

    it's a thought.
  13. hehe... maybe bush will become the new Santa!

    Turkish Old Man: Well son, what do you want from Bush this year?
    Turkish Boy: A Harrier, an apache and a spliff!

    (- "Turkish"s added last second before posting, just for added topical humour value)
  14. Dear SantaBushPrezGuy,

    I'd like something with supersonic capabilities. Don't worry about ammo. Instead of explosive bombs, I'd like paint bombs. Then I would take care of Iraq for you. All that place needs is some COLOR!

    It looks pretty boring over there on TV. I think some purples with some muave all over that icky earthtone sand would make everyone lighten up!

    I figure a couple of weeks of round the clock, saturation bombing will do the trick.

    Then all your problems will be over.



    You'll have,

  15. but those cockpits of the planes would be the ultimate hotboxing place, think of hitting the perfect bong then hitting a 2G downward spiral... it would be totally trippy...
  16. Don't forget the pot smoking engines Smokie. We need to fill their lungs with pot smoke. lol ours too....
  17. PErfect compromise coming.... send the military jets with paint bombs while theire hotboxing... meanwhile, ground troops put LSD in their water, by the end of the week troops will be able to walk into the palace and grab saddam, who at this point should be in a little ball in a corner of a palace somewhere and take him outside for alot of trippy activities... at his age hell have a heart attack after the 3-4 sodomizing's by groups of differently costumed men screaming hundreds of things at him after his 20 hits.....
  18. I know what you mean, they are amazing machines. I work next to the runway and there's been f-16,s a4-s, a-10's and british Tornados doing high speed passes since December. Lots of c-130s c141s and c-5s too.

    This weekned a pair of f-16's did some full afterburner low passes. It's amazing seeing them from less than 1000 feet away at eye level when they light the burners and you can just see the nose pitch down and they accellerate, FAST!
  19. I work next to a little municipal airport. Occasionally will get some of the WWII birds flying to exibition stuff around the country stopping in for fuel. Had a B-17 earlier this year, but the highlight was coming into work one morning and watching 2 P-51 Mustangs come in and land in formation! Those freeking motors were just absolutley incredible. When they took offf they came back and buzed the field with them babies wound! I'm tellin ya, the hair stood up on the back of my neck!

    Imagine being 20 years old, coming offf the farm, getting to go Europe, and they give you a big shiney fighter of your very own! How could the rest of your life measure up?
  20. fighter jets and helicopters fly over my house all the tiime, every day.

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