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Tons of fun!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by foofeenono, May 18, 2006.

  1. my friends and i started doing these things we like to call "quests"

    we get some green, and head out into the woods on a path around dusk. You stop at a nice spot, smoke, and head deeper into the woods. its amazing the fun things youll find to do in the middle of the woods while your blasted!
  2. Lol dont get lost . That would suck.:smoking:
  3. haha adventures are the best
  4. Best thing to do with people while stoned.
  5. haha, thank god for kentucky. i love to go hiking in the woods.....well, its a mile hike to most of my grow anyways lol, and i go there everyday
  6. yeah being in the woods while ur high is an exciting experience. when i play frolf its completely in the woods and we're always blazed when we play. the only part that sucks is its extremely hard to find ur disc...
  7. Haha, me and my friends do that all the time, once we went into these crazy woods, and the trails were so confusing we got lost and it was getting dark, and we found this haystack with aged mushrooms growing all over it near this persons backyard, eventually we found our way back out to were our car was.
  8. I've always loved doing that ... back in college we would go to the horticultural park (which had many acres of woods with trails) and get mad baked. Great times! Also, trippin' in the woods at any time of day is damn near a religious experience. Ah, the memories!


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