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tonights the night

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Han-ur-Scan, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. ounce of sour D for 200 how great
    would you still get it if it looked to be about 20 gs its great bud
  2. If I payed for an oz, I'd want an oz based upon principal, not price. Even if it's only 20g, it's still a good deal.
  3. yea the dude owes u 8g's or some $..

    even if its bomb shit you should still get what you payed for.

    you gona buy a nice car for 20,000 and have the seller tell you it comes with no wheels?
  4. yea i see what your saying im gonna throw it on a scale and if it doesnt way out im gonna talk him down on the price but still thats one of my favorite strains and it doesnt come around to much people where i live pay 30 a gram for it
  5. 200 for 20g's sounds like a deal, but you should work with the miscommunication about the weight so you don't get ripped.
  6. yeah brah if i got sour d for 200 an O i aint complainin....:D
  7. haha well said.
  8. Do what you gotz to do. If he sells you it for 10 a g. Then toss another 50 on top of your 2 hundo and get a full o. If people pay 30 per g then you could do .7 for 20. Make profit that way homes.:smoke:

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