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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420 Toker, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys... Thankfully the moneys gone into the bank and what better way too celebrate than buying some tasty Dankage... Anyhoo i pretty much smoke everyday and grow tired of routines. I was thinking Tonight is a clear night where i live what guys do you like doing when you have some Dank and fancy something out of the ordinary im open for alot of things so fire it at me :). :smoke:
  2. Roll a couple of joints, grab a friend, and go on a roadtrip with some money and do random activities like lasertag or glow in the dark bowling..:smoke:
  3. Take a t break or go to a headshop and buy a new piece
  4. i got paid today and will be getting an eight tommorow and then getting stoned and then prolly a 3d movie :hello:
  5. I really wanna see a 3D film baked seems like the way forward and lazertag also sounds exciting but slightly scary cause we have proper lazers it's like a Tiesto concert in there :D... Anything else guys?
  6. Well I'm doing it all day; vape, bong and cigarettes. :smoking:

  7. Typo FTW!
  8. D: Whats Typo... Sorry im new :)
  9. its a typing error...... look at what i have in bold on my last post....

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